Fairlight Showcases the Future of Broadcast Audio at NAB 2015

Fairlight AirPan


In 2015 the audio production industry is evolving faster than ever with production collaboration through cloud-based platforms and consumer demand for 3D immersive sound resulting in larger productions with more dimensions to consider.

Fairlight’s ongoing commitment to innovation has resulted in a new generation of solutions that unleash creativity and make bigger productions easier and more cost effective to deliver.

At NAB 2015, Fairlight will show a range of solutions to increase your productivity: Audio engines capable of delivering up to 1000 tracks, enable you to create complex productions without the need for premixing, thus preserving creative freedom right through to the final mix. In addition, ultra-wide 64-channel monitoring and revolutionary multi-delivery mix buses make it easy to simultaneously create multi-language and multi-format content.

Fairlight’s Media Gateways further increase efficiency by allowing audio and video editors to work on real-time collaborations without being bogged down by slow render and file transfer times. This type of cooperation is made possible by Fairlight’s ability to interface with key cloud-based video editing platforms from Adobe and Quantel.

The growing need among content creators to deliver 3D immersive sound is now easily achievable with Fairlight’s ground-breaking 3D Audio Workspace (3DAW). With full 3D object orientated audio capability, 3DAW enables you to deliver immersive sound in formats such as Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos, and DTS MDA, without having to replace your existing 2D tools and workflows.

One of the first facilities to embrace Fairlight’s 3DAW is Aacross Studio in Taiwan. Agnes Liu, Head Engineer and co-owner of the company, says: “3DAW opens a new world to work in 3D audio. I no longer need a separate Pro Tools system to get signal through, nor consider those complicated paths or digital issues because Fairlight can do them all in one system, which I have been waiting for, for so long.”

Fairlight completes its NAB 2015 line-up by showing its full range of converged consoles that combine Live and Post capabilities in a single console. Designed for the most demanding live productions, Fairlight’s versatile range now features new a 200+ channel Live Processor for large scale events, fly-in FX to enhance productions and extensive customisation tools including optional lighting integration

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About Fairlight:
Fairlight has been designing, engineering and manufacturing cutting edge, professional digital audio technology for more than 30 years. Its dedication to innovation, quality and customer service has made Fairlight one of the most respected companies in professional audio. With their integrated control surfaces and intuitive user interfaces, Fairlight’s award-winning media creation tools are renowned for their speed, flexibility and exceptional sonic quality. The company’s products offer full compatibility with virtually all open audio, video and sync standards, making them ideally suited to a wide range of audio post and live broadcast applications.

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