Feel the Rhythm of Your City with Insight TV’s New Show ‘City Beats’

Global content creator and TV channel, Insight TV, is launching a new, musically inspired series that explores the sounds of cities and their history.

Kicking off on the 13 May 2019, City Beats follows international DJ and music producer Carly Foxx on a musical journey of discovery. Each episode is set in an iconic European location, where Carly samples the sounds, history, and spirit of her surroundings before channelling it all into a new track.

As Carly explores, listens and records, she meets with local legends and music producers who show the real and authentic side to the city, whilst highlighting how music underscores their lives. Viewers are taken to London, Ibiza, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam to meet the individuals, the history and the spirit that gives these iconic cities their unique rhythm, before Carly faces her final challenge: to bring these cities together in a track dedicated to her European adventure.

Immersive and distinct, the six-part series sets out to explore the stories and inspirations that sculpt the musical world around us.

Frank le Mair, Executive Producer at Insight TV says, “We are excited to be working with Carly on such a unique exploration of the world. The show takes viewers to notorious destinations and taps into the heart of different communities through the universal language of music. Viewers will witness the creation of music, the discovery of sound and the importance of culture.”

The new series will follow in the footsteps of Insight TV’s earlier shows such as Travel with a Goat, Droners, Speed Seekers, and Modern Explorers. City Beats launches on on 13 May 2019 at 22:00. Visit for further information.

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