Fellowship Church Drastically Elevates Reliability and Quality With Riedel Communications

Riedel Communications today announced that Fellowship Church, headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, has implemented an Artist-1024 intercom system integrated with SmartPanels and Bolero wireless beltpacks to improve intercampus communications. The Riedel equipment significantly enhances system reliability and audio clarity for seamless communication irrespective of location, thereby connecting multiple campuses. Supplied by system integrator Clark, the Riedel solution has empowered Fellowship Church to fulfill its mission to “Reach Up, Reach Out, and Reach In” during services across its four campuses throughout the Dallas metro area. This system also makes it possible for Fellowship Church to deliver religious and educational programs reliably.

“With the upgrade to the Riedel intercom system, the audio quality has drastically increased, delivering crystal-clear audio — so clear that you cannot tell where I am — with zero dropouts,” said Corbin Rubinson, Production Engineer at Fellowship Church. “What’s even more impressive is the overall product quality; it’s incredibly reliable. We can make changes live on the fly while the system is operational without anyone noticing. With our previous setup, we had to shut down the entire system and pray that it would come back up.”

Founded in 1989 as a mission church of the First Baptist Church of Irving, Texas, Fellowship Church has grown into a multisite house of worship with satellite campuses in Fort Worth, Dallas, and Frisco. With its main facility in Grapevine spanning 123,000 square feet, the church’s campus features worship and atrium sections connected by a hallway. The Bolero coverage, provided by just five antennas, ensures uninterrupted communication throughout the entire space, including the control room. The IP networked-based system provides the flexibility to throw down systems anywhere in the facility to immediately route new audio.

David Medford, Video Engineer at Fellowship Church, emphasized, “The confidence the Riedel intercom system gives us is invaluable. We know it will work seamlessly and reliably, allowing us to be mobile and flexible. Volunteers equipped with Bolero beltpacks can move around different areas of the campus, and I can provide assistance anywhere it’s needed while remaining in communication with the control room the entire time. The system’s easy setup and mobility have saved us a significant amount of time — from an entire day down to only 20 minutes.”

Volunteers of varying ages, from high school students to seniors, can easily learn how to operate the system within minutes. The Artist-1024 intercom replaces an outdated setup dependent on paper labels that were frequently faded and difficult to read, making the color-coded Riedel SmartPanels especially valuable. Also, integrated GPIO triggers allow for a flashing light that signals to operators that the system is functioning.

“We’re thrilled that our intercom system has brought such tremendous improvement to Fellowship Church’s operations,” stated Ben Gabrielson, Southwest Regional Sales Manager at Riedel Communications. “They get the reliability necessary for their remarkable productions along with clear communication and greater efficiency for both the technical team and the entire congregation. It’s fulfilling to see, and I eagerly anticipate the church’s future endeavors with the technology.”

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