Filmcraft Studio Gear Sets New COVID-19 Safety Standards For Director’s Chairs

Over the course of just two months, a lot has changed, and in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the premier director’s chair to the production industry, Filmcraft Studio Gear, has issued safety recommendations for director chair usage and disinfecting guidelines for safe sets. Replacing the current director’s chairs with plastic isn’t advised, and this is because plastic has proven to be a terrible alternative for our environment in terms of biodegradability. This only increases the potential threat of the virus. Recent studies have detailed how the lasting stability of COVID-19 is the longest when on plastic or stainless steel. Wood was one of the most sanitary materials when it comes to minimizing the viability of COVID-19, which was found to be stable for up to 7 days on plastic surfaces whereas the virus was completely undetectable after 2 days on wood. Because wood has natural antimicrobial properties, it has proven to be beneficial as opposed to the scientific studies of how COVID-19 can live the longest on plastic, glass, and stainless-steel surfaces to about seven days.

Safety Measures Taken

The first course of action is to have fresh replacement canvas sets for director chairs. Canvas can also be washed with soap and water and/or sprayed with disinfectant and/or steam-cleaned and reinstalled on the chair frame. All it takes is a 5-minute wash with soap, which will effectively destroy COVID-19 on the surface. The iconic wood director’s chair is the ideal choice for film sets as a result of this versatility.

Filmcraft Studio Gear Owner, Joe Iacobellis recommended that the best cleaning approach for director’s chairs are:

  • Spray with an antiseptic like Lysol and let dry. Drying usually takes less than 3 minutes
  • Wash the canvas with warm water and air dry. Most director’s chair canvases are made of cotton and washing is easy. However, we don’t recommend drying them in a dryer because it might melt the plastic dowels in the seat portion of the chair. Air drying is recommended
  • Use a steamer to steam clean the surfaces safely and without the use of harsh chemicals. A garment steamer, commonly found on film sets and rental companies, is a great way to quickly kill any bacteria or virus, The steam reaches a temperature of 212F which is enough to wipe out any virus it comes in contact with. It’s the best and easiest method that can be repeated often

The quality and durability of the director’s chairs and these qualities have served as prime staples on studio sets for about 75 years. The wooden frames of the chairs can be easily wiped with Lysol and/or other disinfectant wipes. The canvas can be steam cleaned with no damage, and the reason for that is because of their durability from the strong material that their plastic counterparts lack.

When it comes to the health and safety of its customers, Filmcraft takes their health and wellness as a major consideration. Although there is an eagerness for a return to normalcy, Filmcraft holds its priority of making their sets as safe, secure, and as clean as possible as the key for such a phase to occur.

For more information about Filmcraft and the necessary safety measures being taken in response to COVID-19, visit


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