Share & Systempiloten Revolutionize Daily Rush Challenge on Germany’s Got Talent Show with Facilis TerraBlock

19 different camera feeds, complete Avid transcode, 110TB data storage required
– all in a day’s work for TerraBlock!Facilis - Filmwerk Germany's Got Talent 2

The next series of Germany’s version of the Got Talent Show, Project Got Talent 2016, is currently in production and will go to air on 10th September. As part of a massive time critical production schedule, Kӧln-based production service companies, Filmwerk GmbH and Systempiloten, have revolutionized the daily rushes process by integrating FacilisTerraBlock shared storage system for content creation and post production.

Working together, the two companies are responsible for capturing all the action at the auditions, as well as backstage and in the waiting areas. “We recorded 14 jury casting sessions in August and we have a very short post production window before broadcasts start on 10th September 2016,” explains Systempiloten’s Thorsten Feldmann who works as Technical Director at for Project Got Talent 2016.

Due to the timescale demands of the production, needs a daily turnaround of rushes into post production that have already been transcoded into an Avid XDCAM 50MBit OP Atom codec, so that all data is compatible with the Avid-based post environment. With 19 different Canon, Arri, Sony and GoPro cameras capturing the action in the casting sessions, backstage, the waiting areas and outside, the challenge of safely capturing, storing and backing up this data is critical.

“After evaluating various options we selected the Facilis TerraBlock 24D/96TB. It allows us to record all incoming data twice – once as the working copy and once as a backup on the same server,” explained Thorsten Feldmann. “TerraBlock has a sophisticated folder structure which enables us to back up each day’s shooting and each individual camera’s contribution.” The amount of data for the production days with the backup / render and transfer files has grown for Project Got Talent 2016 to 110 TB.

For connections to the TerraBlock, is taking full advantage of Facilis’ simultaneous Fibre Channel and Ethernet connectivity. Render and ingest machines are connected directly via 8Gb Fibre Channel to single user write volumes for maximum speed. One Metus Ingester, three Avid Media Composer workstations, and four copy stations are connected via 10Gbit Ethernet.

“In previous years, handling this massive amount of data had been a hugely labor intensive mission critical process and now TerraBlock has made this so much easier, more efficient and safer,” explained Thorsten Feldmann. “The back up process can be monitored and all the conversion and recording processes happen simultaneously.”

“One of the factors that drew us towards TerraBlock is the system’s incredible flexibility in terms of client selection, programs and connectivity options,” he explained. “Add to this the system’s fantastic resilience and reliability and we have found ourselves a sure-fire winner!”

About TerraBlock
TerraBlock offers spinning disk, advanced Flash/SSD and Hybrid server products along with dynamic sharing methods for both block and file-level data access with connection over Fibre Channel and Ethernet, and a custom protocol that avoids the overhead and latencies of network storage systems. Client workstations can connect directly to the TerraBlock or through cost-effective network and fabric switches. TerraBlock is the first and only shared file system available over Fibre Channel and Ethernet without per-seat licensing. Connect up to 250 Ethernet and Fibre Channel clients at no additional cost and no 3rd party fees.

With TerraBlock, volumes can be made of any size, and the size can be increased or reduced on the fly, as the project requires. Project-based volumes offer low-level media management, ease of permissions allocation and security, and a familiar workflow. Also with TerraBlock, it is easy to synchronize users with Active Directory groups within specific organizational units. It is straightforward to add multiple volume permissions to entire groups in a single step, and manage all user account creation and deletion from a single location.

About Facilis Technology
Facilis Technology was founded in 2003 with the idea of bringing advanced storage technology to the Media and Entertainment industry at a reasonable cost. Its production-proven solutions are fast and intuitive, making it easier for creative professional to collaborate and work more efficiently. Flexible, scalable and compatible with industry-standard creative solutions, Facilis’ products blend seamlessly into any studio environment – boutique, mid-sized or large – and have been installed in more than 3000 facilities worldwide.

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