First RTP Web 360º Transmission Ensured by MOG

Banner MOG e RTP

MOG Technologies, a leading worldwide supplier of both centralized ingest solutions and MXF development tools, participates in the 1st 360º transmission of RTP, Portugal’s leading TV and Radio broadcasting network.

On May 1st, 2016, RTP launched its new “Portugal’s Got Talent” program using MOG’s 360º cloud services platform.  It is designed to deliver to both MS Windows and MAC based browsers.

MOG’s 360º is a powerful and innovative service that completely changes the way the audience interacts and offers the viewers a much richer experience surrounded by the 360º background environment that supports live events.

MOG supports the broadcasters requirements from just setting up the encoding platform, to using the Video Server platform within the Cloud. This support allows RTP’s service to deliver a single stream to the Cloud, while maximizing the available bandwidth.

The resilient and fully scalable platform allows the CDN to distribute the live feed to all users through the many different browsers that access the HTML5 player which was developed by  It is embedded in the RTP website in order to provide a truly immersive experience during a program or event.

MOG’s CDN Platform provides an outstanding QoS (Quality of Service), which guarantees the delivery of the 360º Live Streaming event.

Throughout all the issuance, a live stream from a 360º camera transmits the show from all possible angles: this new technology allows the viewers to enjoy an experience similar to being located in the studio and easily supported a peak of 975 users connected simultaneously to the service. The video quality was guaranteed by 360º which used a total traffic volume of 630 GB.

MOG Technologies worked closely with RTP and to guarantee the bandwidth requirements for the live stream was made continually available by 360º.

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