Flanders Scientific Will Showcase HDR Mastering Monitor At 2020 NAB Show


The broadcast industry is a thriving enterprise fueled by the work and ingenuity of creatives who specialize in the fields of technology, content, and media. These same professionals produce some of the most presentable and high-quality content out there, and they will be attending the 2020 NAB Show this April. This global media event will gather broadcast/media professionals who will collaborate and further integrate some of the most innovative solutions the broadcast industry can actively use to achieve even greater outreach across the digital landscape. One of these solutions can be found through the success of Flanders Scientific, which has been a massive contributor to broadcast professionals and will serve as an exhibitor at the 2020 NAB Show in Las Vegas.


About Flanders Scientific



If there is a place where broadcasters are in need of superb equipment that not only helps them produce great content but even simplifies their needs, then Flanders Scientific is a fantastic choice. Flanders Scientific is a company that offers high-quality professional equipment to the broadcast and post-production industries. Several examples of the equipment Flanders Scientific provides include:

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Flanders Scientific‘s XM311K HDR Mastering Monitor



In addition to Flanders Scientific’s stellar line of products, the XM310K proves to be nothing short of providing high-quality HDR for broadcast professionals. The XM311K HDR Mastering Monitor operates as a 31″ true 4K resolution HDR and SDR reference master monitor. This device is equipped with professional 12Gbps SDI inputs, and it qualifies as a Dolby Vision mastering monitor. The XM310K has a peak luminance of 3000cd/m2, support for both PQ and HLG EOTFs, multiple color gamut selections, and a contrast ratio in excess of 1,000,000:1, which makes it an ideal monitor for a wide variety of demanding HDR workflows.

The XM310K has HDR Compatibility Rating: Mastering. Most professional HDR displays have a peak luminance of just 1000nits. But having a peak luminance of 3000nits allows the XM310K to be three times brighter, which makes it one of the brightest commercially available professional HDR monitors on the market. The XM310K’s HDR Compatibility is achieved through a full-array of local dimming backlight with over 2,000 individually controlled LED elements that help to minimize the halation, flare, and other artifacts found on lower density zoned backlight systems.


Additional Features Of The XM311K HDR Mastering Monitor

Aside from being HDR compatible, the XM311K HDR Mastering Monitor has fantastic connectivity capabilities. The monitor’s 12Gbps SDI connections greatly simplify room design by allowing a customer to feed 4K and UHD signals to the display over a single cable. The XM311K also has Quad 1.5Gbps and 3Gbps SDI connectivity, which are supported in both 2SI and Square Division based variations. This ensures compatibility with practically any type of 4K or UHD output. The XM310K supports advanced 12bit 4:4:4 YCbCr, RGB, and XYZ signals, which set it apart from less advanced monitoring solutions.

Additional connectivity features within the XM310K include its unique ability to simultaneously supply a clean 12G/6G loop through and real-time down converted 3G or 1.5G output. This means that any incoming single link 4K or UHD signals can be converted to 2K or HD outputs for downstream HD monitors or scopes and without the need for any standalone down conversion equipment.

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About The 2020 NAB Show



A lot of the innovation that contributes to the success of broadcast professionals is through the content they create and the quality they distribute in. However, the equipment a broadcaster uses plays a big role in the distribution and monetization of their content. Thanks to Flanders Scientific, broadcast professionals from all over the world can have access to technology that not only simplifies their broadcasting needs, but it further enhances the ways in which they can deliver better, more high-quality content.

The 2020 NAB Show will take place at the Las Vegas Convention center on April 18-22. This event will be the ultimate media experience for the 90,000 broadcast professionals attending. Not only is this annual event the perfect opportunity for beginners looking to get their foot in the door, but it is also a perfect opportunity for long-time broadcast professionals to learn more and further encapsulate their own ideas, which will only lead to further growth within the broadcast industry and the endless journey of technical evolution it continues to undergo.

Visit the Flanders Scientific exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # SL6823.

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