Flowbox VFX Platform releases Rotoscoping 1.7 with a Mocha Planar Tracking integration you won’t believe and Permanent Licenses

Krakow,​​ Poland​: Flowbox, VFX software and technology company, creator of the node-based VFX platform focused on Rotoscoping, has just released their newest version with a Natively Integrated Mocha Planar Tracker.

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“Flowbox has hurdled past ANY competitive Rotoscoping solution with this final puzzle piece. The fastest, smoothest UI on the planet for VFX, intuitive and flexible node-based workflow and now coupled with the “best in class” planar tracking solution—today Flowbox instantly becomes the de-facto standard for professional quality Rotoscoping.”
– Mikołaj Valencia CEO of Flowbox.

Chief Product Officer at Mocha had this to say,

“Mocha’s Academy-award winning Planar Tracking engine is widely recognized for accuracy and time savings. Flowbox’s rotoscoping tools paired with integrated Mocha tracking, now delivers powerful new workflows for the professional visual effects community!”
– Ross Shain, Chief Product Officer, Boris FX.

Flowbox has a spent hundreds of hours working with Roto artists across the globe — India, Brazil, the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Europe and China — and has built the most intuitive and comfortable interface with industry standard and internally engineered solutions such as rotoDraw​ and rotoSnap​.

Flowbox is now releasing 1.7 with an natively integrated Mocha Planar Tracker​, meaning there are no separate pop ups, or separate software to manage; it’s built right into the existing Flowbox UI in alignment with the company’s philosophy for minimizing and streamlining the rotoscoping process.

The newest release also brings maturity, faster response and overall optimizations to the source code as well as, unexpectedly, permanent licenses​. Flowbox has taken a firm stance against the general industry direction and offered a permanent option preferred by many artists and companies. Flowbox will also continue to provide subscription licenses​ (monthly and yearly) indicating that not all companies and projects are the same and it’s important to have flexibility.

Customer Feedback for release 1.7:

“Guys, you really outdid yourselves. This tracker is spectacular and it’s so easy to use!!” ~Jhan Harp (USA)

“Overall I am “Wow!” Finally a great Mocha implementation. It’s very intuitive and easy to use. The best of both worlds.” ~Tony Hudson (USA)

VIDEO: Flowbox 1.7: Feature Highlights

Full changelog 1.7
Boris FX

Other Videos:
YouTube Channel

About​​ Flowbox​: Flowbox is a VFX technology & software company, based in Krakow, Poland, bringing a modern software platform to VFX with a focus on Rotoscoping. Flowbox has been rapidly expanding its platform and functionality, now it’s getting ready to raise a round of funding. Email [email protected] to get connected.

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