Fluendo Introduces Tagtics – New Video Analysis Software for Training, Defense and Military

LAS VEGAS – Fluendo (, an expert in video analysis and multimedia, is introducing Tagtics, a new cross-platform video analysis software tool that helps defense squads train and make decisions.

Tagtics software helps improve technique, allowing users to review individual squad members’ performance, helping define and plan program performance and objectives. The new defense training tool also helps define tactics, using video analysis software to optimize platoon movements, identify positions, and evaluate efficiency. Using Tagtics to test, analyze and review enemy situations can improve strategy and decision-making when used live in the field or for post-training purposes.

The new Tagtics video analysis software is built on the GStreamer platform, the popular open source framework that supports all multimedia formats and protocols. Tagtics helps users analyze movements and review actions using video no matter how it is captured or on what device. It is currently available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and is being incorporated into the Fluendo family of products.

“The ability to customize and develop whatever feature is needed to help customers adapt technology to meet individual needs is what makes solutions built on GStreamer so powerful,” said Muriel Moscardini, Fluendo, CEO. “We are pleased to be able to now offer Tagtics, a new video analysis software specifically designed for training in defense and military sectors.”

To find out more about Tagtics and other Fluendo products at the NAB Show, visit The SPROCKIT Hub (booth# N2530/110) or attend FIELD & STREAM: How Video and Open Source Technology Support Military Field Operations, Wednesday, April 15, 9:30 – 10:00 a.m., Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) South Hall Room S225.

About Fluendo
Fluendo is an expert in video analysis and multimedia, enabling multimedia and video on a wide variety of devices and operating systems. Hundreds of thousands of devices are powered by Fluendo’s OnePlay suite of products, with everything needed to run multimedia. OnePlay is used by businesses as a cross platform player, while OnePlay codecs and its plugins are used by OEM applications to empower devices globally. Fluendo powers Tagtics, a cross-platform software tool specifically designed for the military and defense industries and for training improvement, as well as LongoMatch video analysis software for sports. Fluendo provides products developed on the GStreamer platform and empowers devices and tools with high quality video features for a variety of industries.

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