By: Matt Harchick

Broadcast Beat has been producing NAB Show LIVE for the last three years and when Ryan Salazar (The show’s Executive Producer) wanted true “White Light” for the show, he turned to none other than FLUOTEC. For this year’s “2018 NAB Show LIVE” broadcast, FLUOTEC enlisted their “VegaLux 300” Fresnel to handle the show’s needs.

“Accuracy, flexibility and color temperature control are all really important to our technical staff. In the past, we used diffused panels to light the set, but it didn’t have that much personality. I was amazed to see the things we could do with the VegaLux 300 and equally amazed at the low power consumption”, said Mr. Salazar.

The VegaLux 300 is a high-performance LED Fresnel with a variable beam of pure white light for professional television and production lighting applications. These units have DMX-dimmable motorized zoom, are available in two color temperatures (Tungsten 3100k or Daylight 5700k), boast an amazing 50,000 hours and get this – all at a 338-watt electrical draw!


Reliability and performance of lighting instruments are a focus for any production facility. The VegaLux 300 certainly stood up to the challenge during a rigorous 53-hour NAB Show LIVE broadcast and it will do the same for your studio!

So, there you have it – Sustainable, Ecological Lighting Systems for Television, Video, Photography, Theatrics and more!  Fluotec and NAB Show LIVE have certainly created an amazing partnership.

NAB Show Studio for NAB SHOW Live

Produced by Ryan Salazar from Broadcast BEAT

For more details about Fluotec, visit


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