Frameable Launches ‘Spaces’ Virtual Office Platform, Commits to Accessibility and Sustainability Initiatives

Frameable, a B2B SaaS company focused on remote-first digital experiences, has launched its persistent virtual office platform Frameable Spaces to the public. Frameable Spaces is a fully customizable online workspace, allowing teams to connect easily and collaborate, regardless of their physical location.

“Spaces delivers the many advantages of casual interactions and serendipitous innovation—what happens naturally when we’re physically together—to remote and hybrid work,” said John Janek, Chief Technologist at Dev Technology Group and current Spaces user. “It’s truly amazing: an easy-to-use product with great design and solid engineering, and it’s consistent with all the current research on how to help distributed teams do great work every day.”

Frameable announced Spaces’ public launch and an enhanced focus on accessibility and environmental sustainability across its platforms at The Conference Board’s Engaged @Work: Employee Experience & Talent Acquisition conference in New York City. Frameable has committed to ensuring WCAG 2.1 AA compliance throughout its software products, creating an inclusive user experience for administrators, everyday users, and guests. In addition to this accessibility commitment, Frameable also pledged to ensure its software is carbon-neutral, offsetting annual emissions on behalf of users.

“Just like your physical workspace, your online workspaces should be inclusive to everyone in your organization and accessible to all,” said Adam Riggs, CEO of Frameable. “As with any other critical business initiative, you must combine the right tools and teams to create a beautiful and productive workspace. That’s what we are enabling at Frameable, one virtual floor at a time.”

Frameable Spaces is for organizations looking to genuinely connect when working remotely, while simultaneously reducing their environmental footprint and ensuring their virtual office is accessible to everyone. The layout of the Spaces software allows for increased visibility and availability, making it easier for people to feel invited to have a short but high-fidelity interaction with coworkers, where they can quickly and efficiently get what they need.

In Spaces, managers and team members can easily:

  • Customize a virtual workspace with personal offices, project rooms, and floors to house multiple teams or departments
  • Create a permanent space where workers can carry out their daily tasks, whether they are working in a room alone or with others
  • Gain insight into their team members’ availability and current tasks through a combination of personal and room statuses
  • Address their entire organization or a specific floor with an announcement
  • Seamlessly engage in both scheduled and unscheduled collaboration through calendar integrations and visual availability prompts

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About Frameable

Frameable is a software company with a mission of making working together virtually feel as easy as turning around and talking to each other. Products include Frameable Events, an interactive virtual events platform, and Frameable Spaces, a customizable online workspace. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter @FrameableInc.

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