Fran 8K to be spotted on a musical videoclip, partnering with Mercedes Benz and popular hard rock new metal band

Cinemartin new Fran 8K 50 MP Globalshutter camera will be featured on a videoclip of a popular hard rock new metal musical band, to be recorded by end of December / January in Barcelona.
Partnering with Mercedez Benz taxi company in Barcelona, the clip will be published by January 2019. This company will provide mercedes benz E and Mercedes Benz class V (250d AMG) vehicles with up to 8 people (hasta 7 y 8 plazas).
Fran 8K features world highest 8K camera resolution  in a compact all-in-one body, expandable.
Wait for January or February of 2018 to check the new video, with the band and the new Mercedes Benz taxis there in Barcelona
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