Front Porch Digital Brings LYNX Cloud-Based Digital Media Service to Canada

Leader in Content Storage Management Solutions Offers First Object-Based, Big-Data Private Cloud Storage Service Based in Canada

LAFAYETTE, Colo. — April 5, 2014 — Front Porch Digital, the global leader in cloud-based content storage management (CSM) solutions, today announced it has expanded its LYNX(SM) cloud-based CSM platform into Canada with the launch of a new private LYNX superhub located in Ontario. The superhub has multiple backbone connections to all of the country’s major production centers including Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Vancouver.

LYNX is designed from the ground up as a scalable, secure, high-performance private cloud-based storage service for media organizations but is also flexible enough to address enterprise, government, medical imaging, oil and gas, and many other sectors.

“Ours is the first object-centric, big-data storage service to launch in Canada, and it has broad appeal beyond media and entertainment. The importance of serving the Canadian market and its specific requirements cannot be understated,” said Brian Campanotti, chief technology officer at Front Porch Digital. “We have had a very long and successful presence in Canada, with more than 25 of our DIVArchive CSM systems currently storing and protecting close to 30 PB of content, and installations at every major media organization. In addition to serving the special requirements of the Canadian market, this new LYNX superhub is attractive to our U.S. and Mexico customers looking to add geopolitical diversity to their SLA offerings. LYNX has been very successful in other regions including the U.S. and EU, and we are excited to extend the reach of our cloud services into Canada.”

The LYNX platform is the first enterprise-level CSM-as-a-Service offering to embrace and fully leverage the cloud. It is tuned for large file-based collections and leverages AXF as an open standard for object-based transport, storage, protection, and preservation. LYNX is available as a private cloud-only service or as a hybrid of on-premise and cloud-based storage and integration solutions.

With the ability to scale from 50 TB of storage to multiple petabytes with near-immediate and protected access to all assets, LYNX services are available at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions and offer more robust service level agreements (SLAs). Base-level SLAs for LYNX include redundant copies of all data transferred to the Front Porch Digital private data center; encrypted and UDP-accelerated WAN/private connectivity; automatic proxy generation for all media content; and a Web-based, secure, SaaS-based media asset management interface for content browsing, searching, and access. LYNX also provides all of the features, functionality, and deep device integration offered by Front Porch Digital’s market-leading DIVArchive(R) on-premises CSM solution.

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