Full range of Angenieux Optimo zoom lenses on “Seasons”

Les Saisons/ Seasons – Galatée Films / Ludovic Sigaud – All rights reserved.Following “Oceans” with around 7.5 million tickets sold worldwide, including 2.9M in France, and “Winged Migration” with 4.6 million tickets sold worldwide, including 2.7M in France, “The Seasons” is the latest nature documentary from Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud.

Seasons” has brought new challenges for the production – a 26 Million Euro production budget, 500 hours of rushes, a team of 10 camera operators, a shooting time spread of 18 months from June 2013 to December 2014 in forty locations, mostly located in France, but also in Finland, Poland, Norway, Scotland, Romania, Switzerland and Canada.

After focusing on birds in “Winged Migration” (2001), and the underwater world in “Oceans” (2009), Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud chose to stage a poetic 15,000-year old chronicle of Europe, exclusively filmed from the viewpoint of the wild life. The movie recounts the adventure of the animals settling in Europe that had to adapt to their environment, due to climate change and growing influence of the humans.

On “Seasons”, Eric Guichard, a Director of Photography, used to make wildlife images, was responsible for the aesthetic, in terms of quality and need of all the images.  He was also helped by Laurent Desbruères from Digimage, who calibrated all the previous films for Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud.

For Eric Guichard, the choice of lenses is crucial. Since the specificity of the wildlife photography doesn’t allow multiple takes, the choice of the zooms arises quickly

“Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud wanted to break away from the standard usage of the long focal length in wildlife photography. The idea was to work as close as possible to the animals. F ocal lengths were used to produce a naturalistic perspective intended to give the viewer a true sense of being immersed in nature

Les Saisons/ Seasons – Galatée Films / Ludovic Sigaud – All rights reserved.
Les Saisons/ Seasons – Galatée Films / Ludovic Sigaud – All rights reserved.

Everything in the movie was designed to preserve the integrity of the animals and minimize any disruption to their normal behaviour”

The full range of Angenieux Optimo spherical lenses was used on Seasons, about 10 zooms full-time, not only the Optimo 24-290, 28-340 and 19.5-94, but also the lightweight Optimo 45-120, 28-76 and 15-40.The Angenieux Optimo range of zooms was particularly adapted to cope with the difficult shooting conditions of such a movie.

Eric Guichard wanted zoom lenses able to break this surgical sharpness of the digital cameras and to bring some roundness :

“ I shot “Belle and Sebastien” in film with Angénieux zooms – I thought they would be the perfect optics to achieve the look I wanted for “Seasons””

Thales Angénieux teams are particularly proud to have contributed, thanks to the company’s partnership with Galatée Films, to this wonderful filmed plaidoyer for the preservation of the forest and the animals living there. The movie released on January 27 in France, and in many other countries at this beginning of 2016.

Please click here for Eric Guichard full interview


About Thales Angénieux

Thales Angénieux, a Thales subsidiary, is a world renowned manufacturer of high tech optical and optronic systems. Awarded three times by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1964, 1989 and 2008, and by the Society of Camera Operators in 2012, Angénieux lenses are utilized all around the world by the most demanding image professionals for the production of features, commercials, dramas, documentaries, music videos, sports or cultural event recordings in live 3D or 4K and beyond. Thales Angénieux is also the European leader for night vision equipment.

Currently, in the run up to the Best Cinematography Academy Award, three movies shot with Angénieux lenses: Carol (DP Ed Lachman), Sicario (DP Roger Deakins) and Mad Max Fury Road (DP John Seale). In the list of nominees for Best Picture Academy Award : The Big Short, Spotlight, The Martian and Mad Max : Fury Road, four movies also shot with Angénieux lenses.

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by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud 

Production : Jacques Perrin and Jérôme Seydoux
Direction : Jacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud
Photography: headed by Eric Guichard AFC and Stéphane Aupetit, Michel Benjamin, Jérôme Bouvier, Laurent Charbonnier, Philippe Garguil, Laurent Fleutot, Sylvain Maillard Christophe Pottier, Jam Walencik

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