Future Trading uses TVU One to deliver a flawless live stream of the Teqball World Cup to over 315,000 viewers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – December 3, 2018 – TVU Networks, the global technology and innovation leader in live IP video solutions, today explained how its solutions enabled Future Trading to remotely control the live streaming of the recent 2nd Teqball World Cup in Reims, France.

The Teqball World Cup took place on 12th – 13th of October 2018, attracting around 3,000 fans to the stadium in Reims to watch 91 players from 42 countries take part. Future Trading used TVU One to broadcast the competition, reaching to over 315,000 online viewers to date via a dedicated Facebook page.

Teqball, one of the world’s fastest developing sports, is played on a curved ping-pong like table requiring football skills. It has attracted support from a number of high-profile international football players and was recommended for inclusion in the Asian Games only three years after the sport was established. With recognition already received from the Olympic Committee of Asia – governing 45 countries from the region – FITEQ, the International Federation for Teqball, has the ambition to have the sport included in the official programme of future Olympic Games.

“For this exciting World Cup competition, our TVU One solution enabled Future Trading in Hungary to remotely control the live streaming of the action to a world-wide audience of over 315,000 through Facebook. For an ambitious sport with fast growing global status like Teqball, being able to provide a global fan-base with high-quality live action is absolutely critical,” said David Jorba, Managing Director Europe at TVU Networks. “With such high-stakes, Future Trading chose TVU solutions, based upon our heritage of reliability and innovation.”

Commenting on the success of the World Cup live streaming Gabor Szanto, Teqball Marketing Director, said: “As many of our fans first discover Teqball online, it’s vital that the online viewing experience is engaging, reliable, great quality, and shows how innovative and exciting Teqball sport is. By working with highly-regarded and leading companies such as TVU Networks and Future Trading, we can guarantee online viewers the best Teqball experience, helping us to continue to grow our sports fanbase globally.”

There were a number of challenges to overcome to ensure a reliable stream for the event, the short preparation timeline, a limited onsite team support in Reims and no additional mobile base stations nearby to secure LTE overage.

However, the team successfully delivered live streaming of the 4-hour event without a single significant loss in quality. The stream from the TVU One pack was managed remotely from a transceiver in Budapest, Hungary. It was then transported to Facebook with the IP Streaming Output software function of the transceiver using six modems of both TVU packs with Hungarian SIM cards with roaming enabled. By connecting the WiFi of the TVU One to the hotspot of the TVU 8200, the remote team was able to simultaneously use 12 LTE modems to reach the internet.

“For a fast-growing sport, coverage of major events like the Teqball World Cup is incredibly important. By deploying TVU’s innovative solutions we solved a number of technical challenges, such as the lack of additional mobile coverage for the event. We are now working closely with TVU to assist with technical guidance for the development of a broadcast reference guide for all Teqball events. This will help ensure that the sport continues to grow by providing its fan-base with high-quality coverage of the action, regardless of location,” said Peter Juhasz, Sales Engineer, Future Trading.

Future Trading Ltd is an integrator partner of TVU Networks based in Hungary and the surrounding region. They provide end-to-end streaming / broadcasting services on demand with experienced staff and often work with TVU Networks devices.

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