F&V Will Showcase New Power Series Lights At 2020 NAB Show


Video and digital cinema play an integral part in the broadcast industry. Much of the success within the broadcast industry can be attributed to the technical sophistication behind the many ways creative professionals can present themselves and their unique brands. F&V has played a part in that by heavily applying the advancements of LED technology within the entertainment/broadcast industry. These advancements include LUX/mAh, color rendering (CRI), and cost-benefits to photographic and video applications. In the ten years since it was founded, the company has worked closely with key LED sources, which has enabled them to quickly and effectively integrate such innovations into its product line that includes:

  • LED Lighting
  • Power & Cables
  • Grip, Stands, & Mounts
  • Replacement Parts
  • LCD Monitors


About F&V Power Series




This year, at the 2020 NAB Show, F&V will be an exhibitor. There, it will showcase many of its fine LED lighting products, including ones from its power series. What makes F&V‘s power series unique can be summed up through its stellar inventory which stands out for its incredible features such as a maximum brightness capacity of up to 7200 LUX@1, and a color level of TLCI 99.

F&V’s power series consists of two high-quality lights; the K2000 Power and the K4000 power.


K2000 Power Series Light



The K2000 Power has half the surface area in comparison to the original K4000 Lumic. This has allowed F&V  to achieve a higher brightness than before at 1×1 size (K2000 Power: 2723 lux@1m 75° beam angle, K4000 Lumic: 2475 lux@1m 60°), essentially making the K2000 Power the perfect portable light source. The K2000 Power is compact in size, lightweight, and it has a separate battery plate, which can be mounted on the bottom of the light stand as a counterweight. This makes the light the perfect travel companion that also makes it work more reliably on lightweight light stands. By incorporating the new F&V attachment system for light shaping accessories can allow a user to mount light shaping tools such as barn doors, honeycomb grids, diffusers, filter holders, and softboxes easily and securely to the K2000 Power.


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K4000 Power Series Light


The K4ooo Power utilizes a new lens design. It also offers incredible brightness whenever the maximum output is needed while maintaining a 75° wide beam angle that allows the light to create up to 7200 lux @ 1m and still be powered by a single V-Mount battery.

The K4ooo Power has a TLCI of up to 99 (97±2) and a CRI of up to 97 (95±2), which allows its power fixtures to raise the color reproduction to new heights that will enable for more truthful, neutral, and vibrant color representation. Much like the K2000 Power, the K4ooo Power incorporates the new F&V attachment system for light shaping accessories, as well as FV tools like barn doors, honeycomb grids, diffusers, filter holders, and softboxes.

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Additional F&V series include:

  • The CTD-Soft Series (Calibratable color engine, tint control ± G/M adjustment, and dimming curves selectable)
  • SE Series (Nominal CCT ± 200 Kelvin, CRI 93 – 97 (95 ± 2), TLCI 95 – 99 (91 ± 2), and increased Brightness)
  • Soft Series (Color TLCI 99 and Bi-color 3200 – 5600K)
  • UltraColor Series (Most color accurate and consistent, high color rendering index of CRI 95, and Bi-color 3200 – 5600K)

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About 2020 NAB Show


2020 is already starting to be a promising year for the broadcast/entertainment industry, and with the 2020 NAB Show coming up, things are only about to get better. The 2020 NAB Show is the ultimate media event, where over 90,000 content professionals from all over the media, entertainment, and technology ecosystem gather together for a five-day event that will help them learn to create superior audio and visual experiences, and with F&V as an exhibitor, they’ll most certainly do that.

In its ten year run, F&V has boasted a broad range of LED lights. The company’s products span many price points to meet the needs of different end-users, which has only shown how high the quality of their products are, and how they’ve placed them at the leading edge for innovation and customer satisfaction. The company’s new Power Series lights, as well as their new products in their Soft and SE lines, will most certainly by the high-light (pun intended) of the 2020 NAB Show.

Visit the F&V exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # C8338.

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