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FXhome Teams Up with Filmstro to Deliver Dynamic Keyframeable Royalty-Free Music Library to HitFilm Users


HitFilm Users Now Have Access to Filmstro’s Entire Dynamic Music Library from the FXhome Store; Filmstro’s Unique Approach Enables Users to Control Momentum, Depth and Power of Any Music Track


Norwich, UK (April 8, 2019) – FXhome (www.fxhome.com) announced today it has teamed up with Filmstro (www.filmstro.com), creators of the industry’s first dynamic royalty-free music library, to provide HitFilm users with access to the entire Filmstro music library for 12 months. By making Filmstro available directly from the FXhome store, HitFilm users can use Filmstro soundtracks on unlimited projects and get access to weekly new music updates.


More than just a royalty-free music library, Filmstro has developed a unique user interface that gives artists flexibility and control over selected music tracks for use in their HitFilm projects. HitFilm users can control the momentum, depth and power of any Filmstro track, using sliders to perfectly match any sequence in a HitFilm project.


Users can also craft soundtracks to perfectly fit images by using a keyframe graph editor within Filmstro. Moving sliders will automatically create keyframes for each element and can be edited at any point.


Filmstro offers over 60 albums’ worth of dynamic music with weekly music releases. All tracks are searchable using keywords, film and video genre, musical style, instrumental palette or mood. All Filmstro music is licensed for usage worldwide and in perpetuity.


Pricing and Availability

The Filmstro dynamic royalty-free music library is available today on the FXhome Store for $249 and can be purchased by visiting fxhome.com/store. For more information on HitFilm, please visit www.fxhome.com.


About FXhome

In 2011, FXhome set out on a mission to prove that professional grade post-production tools can be made available to everyone. The result was HitFilm, an all-in-one video editing and visual effects software – at a fraction of the cost of other industry standard tools.

  • Eight years and 3.8 million users later, HitFilm is one of the leading post-production software tools in the industry, offering software options for emerging and pro editors alike.
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