Galaxy 61 Delivers A Show Open For VH1’s New Season Of ‘The Fabulous Life’ That’s Pure Gold

(Brooklyn, New York–April 15, 2014) VHI recently called upon Galaxy 61 to create a show intro for the new 2014 season of ’The Fabulous Life,’ the hit series that reveals the extravagant places, possessions and pastimes of pop-culture’s most famous celebrities. The Brooklyn-based animation and visual effect boutique created a lavish intro that personifies the opulent lifestyle with a series of iconic objects formed out of cascading simulated liquid gold.

The intro begins with a close up of a female hand, coated in gold dropping a golden cherry into a gold martini glass. The cherry splashes into the glass, setting in motion a cascade of liquid gold that takes the shape of a luxury cars, and then languidly drips from the vehicle to form a series luxury objects – from a couture high-heeled shoe and private jet to a Rolex watch. The intro closes as a huge splash of the gold fluid reveals the show’s logo.

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