GatesAir and Burk Technology Establish SNMP over IP Path for Richer RF Monitoring

Software-defined integration simplifies connectivity to TV and radio transmitters while increasing visibility into performance and parameters

CINCINNATI, March 28, 2016 — At the 2016 NAB Show, GatesAir—a global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters—in partnership with Burk Technology, an industry leader in broadcast facility monitoring and control equipment—will demonstrate the next evolution of IP connectivity for remote control and monitoring of transmitters and RF systems.

The relationship was formed out of a need to simplify the interface between these two essential transmission systems. The Gates and Burk integration simplifies installation and eliminates complex copper wiring and relay connections, making it possible to control the transmitter, monitor signals and log performance data using Burk’s SNMP Plus, an option for Burk’s ARC Plus Touch IP remote control and monitoring system.

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“By removing the parallel hardwired copper connections in favor of network cabling and a richer software interface, we leave behind the labor-intensive integration of yesterday, embracing an IT approach common today in studio environments,” said Rich Redmond, chief product officer, GatesAir. “The engineering reliability and expertise of GatesAir and Burk Technology ensures a complementary, robust and tightly integrated interface that provides a complete facility picture.”

SNMP Plus, new for NAB, enables ARC Plus Touch users to directly monitor and control local or remote site equipment via SNMP over IP. Its software interface enables access to a long list of monitoring and control parameters, instead of being limited to hardware signals from telemetry outputs. Users can intuitively assign specific outputs and alarms from any GatesAir Flexiva™ radio or Maxiva™ TV high-efficiency transmitter and directly map them to channels in the Burk system. A PC-based graphical management tool, AutoPilot®, adds value through the presentation of key transmitter parameters as part of an integrated control interface for the entire remote facility.


The value of the integration extends well beyond the transmitter for GatesAir customers, providing control of and visibility into GatesAir Intraplex STL systems and transport architectures—legacy and IP—as well as environmental systems, generators, main and backup power, RF and antenna systems, and signal path devices like microwave links and satellite IRDs. Fault conditions are addressed through automated repair functions, with alarms to alert engineering personnel.

“While most modern transmitter site equipment has web interfaces, the engineer is still tasked with a long list of separate web URLs to manage over a browser,” said Chuck Alexander, executive vice president, Burk Technology. “This integration provides a single web, smartphone or PC interface to the transmitter and all associated systems in the air chain, as well as security, electrical and environmental systems, advancing the ease of configuration and use far beyond what was previously possible. Together with GatesAir, we are evolving IP-based remote control and monitoring for individual RF facilities as well as regional and national network operations centers, with seamless integration of SNMP technology and traditional I/O.”

About Burk Technology

Burk Technology designs and manufactures high quality transmitter facility control systems for the broadcast industry, with thousands of active radio and TV installations across the US and around the world. Founded in 1985, Burk brings over 30 years of innovation and continuous improvement to transmitter remote control, setting the standards for reliability, flexibility and ease of operation. For additional information, please contact or visit or 

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