GatesAir Introduces Maxiva Compact High-Efficiency Digital TV Solutions

Next-generation over-the-air platforms accelerate ROI and optimize digital television spectrum

CINCINNATI, February 19, 2015GatesAir, a global leader in over-the-air broadcast solutions for television and radio, introduces a new range of high-efficiency low-power transmitter and gap filler solutions that affordably solve the challenges of high penetration across large DTV networks, while delivering the lowest total cost of ownership. The new solutions specialize in delivering high-quality digital TV services over the air to regions lacking coverage by higher power transmitters, reliably filling in hard-to-reach areas.

At NAB, GatesAir will display two new low-power TV platforms that address two distinct needs. The Maxiva™ Ultra-Compact series offers standalone low-power translator and on-channel gap filler solutions for UHF and High Band VHF stations across four power levels (30, 50, 80 and 130 watts). The new solution cuts the rack space requirements of its predecessor by 50 percent, delivering a broadband 1RU solution with exceptional performance and efficiency.

Maxiva MultiCompact

The Maxiva Multi-Compact series comprises high-density, 4RU 19-inch rack-mounted UHF and VHF transmission systems available in several configurations, including N+1, N+2, or N+1+M+1 redundancy. The innovative Multi-Compact series provides a single chassis to house up to eight separate 15 Watt transmitters, translators or on-channel gap fillers, and provides the most compact design available, along with multiple redundancy options and configurations.

Both solutions share performance and efficiency attributes with market-leading medium-to-high power Maxiva transmitters, balancing exceptional over-the-air quality with a green, cost-reducing architecture that slashes energy consumption, power bills and maintenance requirements. Additionally, both systems are fully broadband across UHF and High VHF, ensuring a frequency-agile design that removes any concerns about future spectrum re-pack. The broadband design also greatly reduces spare part holdings for group owners with multiple systems to maintain.

Collectively, the Maxiva brand provides a full line, single-source family of transmission products to support DTV networks of any size and scale. Maxiva Ultra-Compact and Multi-Compact series’ are available for multiple DTV standards, including DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T/Tb and ATSC, with many input interfaces to ensure complete, interoperable solutions for any DTV network.

“We continue to evolve our Maxiva solutions to ensure maximum performance, flexibility, efficiency and lowest total cost of ownership for our customers as they build out digital over-the-air networks,” said Rich Redmond, chief product officer, GatesAir. “Every network is looking to streamline operations, and these two distinct low-power solutions simplify network deployment and enable cost-effective wireless content delivery.”

On the performance side, cutting-edge echo cancellation and optimized Modulation Error Ratio (MER) performance far outperform competitive solutions, drastically reducing reception problems in difficult reception conditions. The exceptional MER performance is especially important for low power and gap filler performance, eliminating imperfections tied to signal noise and distortion. Translators can be configured in two distinct ways: A simple, zero IF, direct conversion model; or a re-generative version that provides complete down-conversion to baseband, together with re-modulation to RF with full adaptive correction of the signal. The re-generative version provides the best solution for multi-hop scenarios, preventing progressive signal degradation along the path. The net result is a more robust received broadcast signal for viewers, providing optimum reception over adverse terrain and viewing conditions.

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