GB Labs focus on remote and home working for broadcast professionals at WABE

Valencia, CA, USA, October 29, 2020 – GB Labs will be both exhibiting and presenting on the GDS Communications booth at the virtual Western Association of Broadcast Engineers (WABE) convention, 4 – 5 November 2020. Given the need for broadcasters and postproduction facilities to embrace remote and home working at the moment, GB Labs will major on Unify Hub, the new intelligent content management software.

Unify Hub is the storage management solution launched in September 2020 for today’s changed world. By managing all storage as a single entity – whether it is on site or in the cloud; whether it comes from GB Labs or other vendors – it gives users fast, simple access to content, wherever they are working.

Gary Shumyla, owner of GDS Communications, GB Labs’ partners in Canada, said, “You may be working from home, but if you are a producer or editor, you just need to access the media – you don’t care where it is. That is what Unify Hub does: wherever the material is physically, it appears to you as a single, secure and coherent source.

“You might be rough cutting on location, or in collaborative post, or simply working from home,” he continued. “With Unify Hub, you are just looking at one virtual location for all the media you need. No worries about where content is and where it can be moved – you just get on with the job.”

Each individual user has a virtual workspace, providing access to just the data they need, while also ensuring that there is only one work in progress file, eliminating workflow errors. A single sign-in connects the user to storage on-premise and in the cloud, and intelligent content management, including GB Labs’ smart SSD storage Flash Cache, speeds workflows by providing local access to content, which also minimizes costly egress charges from the public cloud.

Dominic Harland, CEO of GB Labs, will walk visitors through all the benefits and power of Unify Hub, in conjunction with partner GDS Communications during WABE 2020. Unify Hub, launched just a few months ago, has already won a Best of Show Award from Future Publishing, at IBC2020.

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