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Quality Control Gear Guru for Camera Rental House

Sound interesting? Glad to hear it – please take a moment to read this post thoroughly and completely. And if you think you are a fit go ahead and apply.

Who We Are:

We are an independent camera rental house located on the West Side of LA. We’re a small but enterprising team, focused on providing the latest and greatest Cameras/Lenses/Accessories to clients of all backgrounds & budgets. We work with filmmakers and camera crews working on a wide range of projects, and there are always new challenges to rise to and new pieces of equipment to master.

What’s the Job?

We have an immediate opening for what I’m categorizing as a “Gear Guru.” This team member is going to be laser focused on quality control of every piece of gear in our inventory and keeping it all organized and maintained to the highest standards.

Are you the type who has a deep interest in cameras, lenses and technology? Do you get joy unboxing new technology and figuring out how it all works? Are you technically minded and able to figure out most tech problems on your own? Do you know how to solder? Do you relish the sight of a well done camera build? Are you well-versed in all the current cameras and lenses used in modern film/TV production? And lastly – do you love a challenging environment where you’ll have new tasks thrown at you each day?

If so – we should talk.

Experience Requirements:

• At least 2 years of on-set experience in a relevant camera department role.
• 2 years of experience working in a camera rental house in a role that handles equipment
• Working knowledge of all current major pro camera types (Arri, Red, Sony, Canon, etc.)
• Working knowledge of most modern camera accessories and lenses
• Excellent computer and organizational skills
• Ability to manage your own schedule and tasks – self motivator
• At least 2 excellent references from relevant industry professionals
• Lens technician or servicing experience a BIG plus! But not required
• A 4-year college degree is preferred but a 2-year degree is acceptable. A vocational certificate or other evidenceof higher education may be acceptable on a case by case basis.

When Does this Start?

We’d love to have someone ready to hit the ground running in early January. We’re getting ready for a big year in 2021 and are excited to expand our team and further increase our reach and service standards.

We can do zoom interviews later this month followed by in person interviews just after the new year. If we find a suitable candidate we hope to have you start by mid-January.


Competitive salary for the LA area commiserate with experience, health insurance subsidy, annual bonuses, a generous PTO policy, and opportunities for freelance camera work on a limited basis


The first 3 months of employment is considered a probationary training period on an hourly salary. Once you pass that landmark you graduate to a normal salary employee position with all the benefits that entails.

Please note, we are NOT looking for someone who just needs a job for 6 months or so, or is looking to tide things over until set gigs start up. I understand that need, but as a small business we really can’t afford to invest time in bringing you up to speed only to lose you shortly later – we want someone who is prepared to stay on for the near and medium-term, if not long term. Thanks for understanding.

How to Apply:

Please take a moment and make sure your resume is current and has the relevant experience. We also encourage you to write a brief cover letter explaining the reasons why you want to work in this industry and what makes you a unique candidate. And finally, make sure to include references that are people that are relevant to the camera dept. / rental house world.

Once you have all of that send it over with the subject heading: Gear Guru Job

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