Gearhouse Broadcast adds more Grass Valley 4K cameras to its German inventory

Gearhouse Broadcast, the Gravity Media-owned supplier of technical facilities, crew and services used to capture the world’s most watched content, has purchased more UHD and IP-ready Grass Valley LDX 86N cameras for its German business. They will be used by Gearhouse Broadcast Germany, previously known as Genesis Broadcast Services before it was acquired and rebranded by Gearhouse Broadcast’s parent company Gravity Media Group in March this year. The purchase further cements Gearhouse’s position as a supplier of UHD and IP-ready equipment.

This is the second wave of Grass Valley cameras that Gearhouse Broadcast Germany has purchased this year, with the first batch bought in July. It’s also the third major investment that it has made for its German operation since its takeover by Gravity Media Group. In May, Gearhouse Broadcast Germany’s UHD rental inventory was boosted following a group-wide purchase of multiple Sony HDC-4300 cameras and a range of Canon and Fujinon 4K/UHD studio/field and ENG lenses.

The Grass Valley LDX 86N cameras feature native UHD (3840×2160) and native 3G/HD (1920×1080) image capture. The IP ready cameras are ideal for sports productions, where the use of traditional B4 mount HD/4K lenses instead of PL lenses enhance the producer’s and director’s ability to capture content. They are also specifically designed for live broadcast 4K UHD in controlled lighting situations and wide-angle camera positions.

Tom Gehring, managing director of Gearhouse Broadcast Germany said: “The multiple LDX 86N cameras add even more versatility to our solutions for the European rental market. In today’s world of UHD and HDR broadcasting, having access to this technology enables us to offer our customers greater choice and value.

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