GeoGuard launches first effective geo-piracy prevention at IBC

GeoGuard, today announces that at its IBC debut (IBC stand 14.M23, RAI Conference Centre, Amsterdam, 15- 19 September, 2017) it will be demonstrating why Geo-Piracy should be taken more seriously by the content industry. GeoGuard will showcase how its advanced solutions prevent consumers utilizing easily available Geo-Piracy tools to gain illicit access to content services outside of their geographical location.

David Briggs, Co-founder and Chairman of GeoGuard states: “It’s our belief that just as a chain is only as secure as its weakest link, a content service is only as secure as the simplest attack that succeeds. Now that the industry is engaging directly to counter the effects of Kodi, it’s necessary to also start addressing more of the even easier forms of piracy used to access OTT content illicitly, such as virtual private networks (VPNs), domain name server (DNS) proxies and other specialist methods of attack. This is why we are exhibiting at IBC this year, so that we can demonstrate to content owners and distributors that we now have a powerful and accurate solution to protect against Geo-Piracy.”

Visitors to IBC2017 will be able to see GeoGuard’s on-stand demonstrations that:

  • Show how having Geo-Piracy protection software in 250 million devices worldwide to protect the gaming industry means that GeoGuard is the first organization to understand and defeat new developments in Geo-Piracy.
  • Provide evidence of the scale of the Geo-Piracy problem, such as the fact that one in four internet users deploy VPNs spoof their location to gain access to geo-restricted content.
  • Show how GeoGuard’s Geo-Piracy prevention solutions can play a key role protecting the roll-out of UHD Home Cinema services.

“I am delighted that 30 high profile content creators and entertainment companies – including Disney, Amazon, HBO and Netflix – recently came together to launch the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment anti-piracy coalition. This shows that the leading content owners and OTT providers not only understand the scale of the piracy issue, but also realize that the only realistic way to defeat piracy is through close collaboration,” added Briggs. “We believe it’s critical that the content industry goes one step further by working with companies like GeoGuard to make sure that every new leak is sealed as soon as it’s identified as a potential threat – this means we hit pirates where it hurts most, their cash-flow. We look forward to meeting content owners and potential customers and partners at IBC and showing that Geo-Piracy is a multi-billion dollar issue that now needs to be addressed.”

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