Germany’s Quatsch Comedy Club Edited with DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard

Fremont, CA – January 29, 2020 – Blackmagic Design today announced that the latest series of Germany’s legendary stand up show, Quatsch Comedy Club, has been edited and graded on DaVinci Resolve Studio.

The Sky Deutschland show is filmed in front of a live comedy club audience with three live acts and one host taking to the Quatsch Comedy Club Theatre inside Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin. Post production supervisor, Marius Fischer, has graded the show with DaVinci Resolve since 2015 and this year opted to expand its use on the series to encompass the edit as well.

Marius explains that all of the shows, including the revue style, as well as standalone solo episodes, are filmed, then all of the rushes are passed through to post, which normally takes around 60 days to deliver an entire season. “I was keen to put the editing side of Resolve through its paces on a major project, as I could see that there were efficiencies to be gained in our series workflow.”

A minimum of seven cameras capture every comedy set, meaning Marius has to manage a huge amount of footage for each of the shows. “I’ve found features such as Sync Bin essential, as it allows smooth playback, but without the massive file size of a multicam clip. Once all of that heavy lifting is taken away from your process, you have so much more time to focus on the actual editing and making the very best production that will keep audiences entertained.”

Marius has also cut this season working with the DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard, which he believes has added yet another layer of efficiency to his post workflow. “You can work freely with both hands and there’s very little need to use a mouse. I wanted to measure the time savings, so I carried out a little experiment. I tried to make nine cuts within a one minute long multicam clip from the series. Working with the keyboard took two minutes less.”

“I love how simple and reliable the whole approach is. Productions rarely follow a linear delivery path once in post and the ability to do everything in one application makes so much more sense,” he reveals. “The idea of jumping in and out of pages to make small changes when needed is far more intuitive and saves a huge amount of time. You can continue to finesse and refine the edit at any stage during post production, without ever needing to render out a new timeline.”

“Quatsch Comedy Club is such an institution in Germany. In fact, I grew up watching it with my family. It can feel quite surreal that I’m not only working on it, but that I’ve also been able to bring the very latest developments in post production, thanks to DaVinci Resolve, to keep the show fresh and funny for the next generation watching at home.”

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