Global Campus Network leverages Quicklink TX to give a student perspective of the US election

On November 4th, Global Campus Network, a collaborative and interactive international student media network, held a live show giving an international student perspective of the potential outcome of the U.S election. For the show, a Quicklink TX Quad allowed London Southbank University to co-host the discussion alongside Ryerson University via Skype, while allowing students in eight countries around the world to join the collaborative video discussion.

The one-hour live show “From Where We Stand” examined the potential g
lobal impact of the U.S election. The show produced by international students from eight countries, discussed how the outcome of the U.S Election would ripple across the globe. The show featured stories, interviews and discussions spanning topics from international relations to media politics.

Global Campus Network required a solution to gain complete interactivity with its international educational partners. Rick Grunberg, Managing Executive Director of Global Campus Network explained: “The Quicklink TX Quad setup and connectivity made it really efficient to get everyone involved easily and effectively”.

Rick added: “After testing several Skype based technologies to reach our target interactive audiences, the Quicklink TX ended up being our preferred Skype connectivity solution – it provided the best quality video and audio with the easiest interface.”


“Quicklink has made it possible to connect to the general public, which is key to our mandate, allowing us to reach out to all youth, enabling them to participate and engage in our live shows” Rick Grunberg of Global Campus Network

Global Campus Network will use the Quicklink TX in upcoming projects to provide live interactive video content via Skype to create collaborative programming.

“From Where We Stand” show participating universities: Annapurna International School of Film and Media, City University of Hong Kong, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, London South Bank University, Rutgers University, Ryerson University, University of the West of Scotland and University of Queensland.


Watch Global Campus Network’s ‘From Where We Stand’ discussion »


About Global Campus Network

The Global Campus Network (GCN), an initiative developed by Ryerson University’s RTA School of Media, is a uniquely collaborative and interactive method of bringing young artists, students, researchers, educators and community partners together from around the world. Students have the unique opportunity of learning from each other, sharing diverse perspectives, and motivating societal transformation through research development projects, e-learning activities, and real-time production of collaborative and interactive live events ranging from current affairs to performing arts.

The GCN presents the first truly collaborative international student perspective of worldwide events and creative endeavours, allowing students of different backgrounds to learn in a live network environment. Students have the opportunity to experience how other cultures create media content, allowing them to learn and develop from the discussion of cultural differences and similarities.


About Quicklink

Quicklink are one of the leading global provider for cost effective, high quality broadcast solutions in the fields of news, sport, entertainment and corporate media. Quicklink provides over 400 TV stations with software and hardware IP solutions for the transmission of live and edited video. Quicklink’s solutions are the best available for achieving superb video and audio quality from low speed connections up to high speed HD.

For more information about the Quicklink TX or other Quicklink solutions, please contact the sales department on +1792 720880 or email [email protected]



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