Globalizing Media Workflows: Quantel’s QTube is Game-Changing


In the past, enabling the content creation team to view content wherever the team is located and wherever the content is stored was on the “wish-list” of every media dissemination production house globally.  Now with the evolution of cloud based workflows for the media professional that “wish-list” is now a reality!

Quantel, headquartered in Newbury, UK  has been in the forefront of research and development for over 30 years. Some of this company’s technology breakthroughs are the first viable digital effects system, the first digital paint system (Paintbox), the first digital compositor (Harry) and the first online digital editor (Henry). Quantel’s products deliver at SD, HD, 2K, 4K, and Stereoscopic 3D. Quantel’s systems are throughout our industry worldwide from broadcast facilities to post houses, as well as, news to sport productions they continue to enhance technology and make them global.

With the launch of QTube, a cloud based software solution, which allows clients to view and edit live productions anywhere, globalizing workflows for media organizations of all sizes around the world. QTube provides the ability to view, log, sub-clip, frame accurate edits, voice-over and approvals provides a brilliant solution considering these collaborative workflows can and in fact spans nations! Applications to this sophisticated software system include: Remote viewing, Logging and other metadata editing , Sub-clipping and compilation , Frame accurate editing , InterSite workflows ,  Quality media upload/download . QTube is scalable which provides the local, national, or international organizations the ability to “ramp- up” on the architecture to scale accordingly to meet their companies requirements. “QTube works with just a normal internet connection, using Microsoft IIS as the web server. IIS provides authentication and content encryption to ensure only authorized access to content. QTube’s use of REST ensures easy compatibility with existing IT infrastructures including firewalls and content delivery networks.” What is unique to this systems is “The new multi-site working capability for QTube which enables users to access and seamlessly combine content from anywhere to anywhere! For example, the  Creative staff can work with media held on servers in multiple locations anywhere in the world and produce a finished edit over IP incorporating clips from the different sites. QTube automatically manages the movement of only the required frames of high resolution media from all the different servers to the destination server. Enabling creative staff to work with local and remote media brings tremendous workflow gains  to media organizations with multiple locations – head office and regions, region to region or even one country to another – there’s always a need to share content and work together and QTube makes it all practical for the first time!”

QTube also enables all metadata information including the clip history! Utilizing the QTube API via XML by which providing a complete list of the individual shots used in an edit. Another product highlight is that QTube is completely compatible with Final Cut Pro X and Avid Media Composer enables web-based shot selection and exchange of QuickTime and MXF files, as well as, any third party production, editing, or effects software can gain the benefits of instant access to content with QTube.  The QTube system solution product line consists of the following: QTube Browser offering viewing of content via a Microsoft Silverlight-based viewer, enabling the user to search the home Enterprise sQ system and select content anywhere in the world…QTube Edit is an internet-enabled version of the standard Quantel editor. It allows complete timelines to be created remotely using browse quality media, with just the edit decisions published back to the home server….QTube Transformer handles security, encryption and the on-the-fly file manipulation needed to deliver a smooth user experience over the internet….QTube API provides an interface for customers and third parties to build their own custom workflows using QTube.

Also checkout Quantel QTube, including a White Paper and brochure.  A web demo where you can see QTube in action and Quantel’s blog featuring an interview with the Principal software architect about the genesis of this revolutionary new technology for broadcasters……

For addtional information on Quantel visit:; Research and fact finding about QTube can be found at: ; Home > Products > QTube > QTube – view and edit live production content, anywhere

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