Globecast increases content provider reach with VOD logistics capabilities to serve $50bn market

Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, has expanded its media management and playout capabilities with the addition of a Video on Demand (VOD) logistics service. This eases the pressure on content providers by removing all VOD delivery and preparation complexity while increasing content reach and profitability.


According to recent figures from Future Market Insights, the global VOD market was worth $48.93bn in 2015, with that increasing at 8.3 per cent compound annual growth rate through 2016-2026. The North American market is the largest, accounting for nearly $20bn.


While it’s now a de facto part of the media landscape, VOD content preparation and delivery presents a real challenge for content suppliers. Globecast makes creating and delivering VOD packages simple by handling the considerable complexities of supplying content that satisfies the differing requirements of each platform.


The company assembles VOD content packages with all the relevant metadata, languages, graphics, subtitles and promos in the technical formats demanded by individual VOD platforms globally.  Critically, Globecast is able to use its linear channel management skills to provide the same level of comprehensive quality control for VOD content.  It also manages an extensive network of VOD platform affiliates to help its clients distribute their content easily.


Peter Elvidge, Head of Global Media Management, Globecast, said, “Going far beyond distribution, this involves taking the headache of meeting the complex specifications of all the platforms away from our customers, helping them package their content with the right metadata, subtitles, languages artwork and deliver it with guaranteed quality. VOD Logistics increases Globecast’s ability to enhance content providers’ profitability by delivering efficient media management, distribution, monetisation and contribution solutions.”


Globecast understands the business imperatives and the complexity of efficient content monetisation on every screen. The company has solutions to help broadcasters achieve this objective: from handling local channel branding through advertising management, compliance work, rights management services, to advanced content selling tools and analytics for all online video services.

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