Glookast – The Glue that Binds! See them at 2015 NAB Show

People are often judged by the company they keep; the same principle can be applied to companies – GLOOKAST keeps some interesting companies for technology partners, including: Object Matrix, Nearline Storage Workflows, Interplay WEB Services API, (authorized developer for) Avid, XAVC, HDCAM SR (SStP), and Sony. Glookast also has several reselling partners – the most recent addition to that list is Tyrell, the leader in media technology solutions in the UK and Ireland.

top big thingyGlookast is all about producing optimum workflow in a broad array of media clients. Its product lines reflect that goal. Modular tools and workflows that are multiplatform, multi-resolution and multi-format. Compatibility and seamless integration are the penultimate hallmarks of flexibility. So, what kind of gloo is there to hold together your burgeoning workflow? Well… I’m glad you asked! Let’s take a peek behind the curtain.

Gloobox Capturer is a baseband capture solution with Two Channel SDI or HD-SDI capturer, One Channel 2K/4K for Capturer HR, and as many as formats or resolutions per channel ingested. And it also has proxy creation. This Gloobox loves multiple formats and can handle IMX, XDCAM HD 18, 25, 35, 50, XDCAM EX, DV-25, DVCPRO HD 100, AVC-I, DNxHD up to DNx220, DPX, uncompressed, DNx220X, and future HR resolutions for Capturer HR. It can utilize as many as to 16 HD-SDI Embedded Audio Channels per input. The capturer helps editing by allowing clip review and ingested chip browsing. Flexibility is promoted by definable gllobox workflowtemplates, and a dozen other features.

Gloobox Ingester supports the same channels as the Gloobox Capturer (except IMX), it has full time code support for LTC, VITC, ATC, & TOD. As a time saver you can edit while it ingests! Not only that but multiple destination Ingest is included, go to NAN, or SAN or ye olde generic storage. Considering that Glookast is an Avid developer it shouldn’t be too surprising that metadata check-in into Avid ISIS/Interplays is also present (along with direct ingest). Speaking of ingesting and metadata; automated Ingest and metadata editing are also included. In addition to prefabricated templates being available to drive ingest (potentially from multiple sources) there are also user definable templates available which adds to flexibility and allows users to adjust for their requirement s to achieve ideal workflow parameters. Direct attached media, ftp sites, servers, workflow stuffand watch folders; digest away! If a Field Ingest is required, then the Gloobox Ingester even has a RDX drive option to aid your workflow. Did I mention the media back-up? (In case I didn’t… it also has media back-up!) It has a Subclipping function that’s a natural fit for Clip naming rules. SOAP & VDCP protocol support helps round out the awesomeness of this file-based MXF Ingest Solution. Gloobox Ingester is a multi-codec, multi-destination, multi-resolution, multi-stream, multifaceted tool that will multiply the effectiveness of your workflow. In short the Gloobox Ingester is multi-tastic!

Gloobox Contributor can access the same formats as the Gloobox Capturer, plus SStP. It supports a metadata editing option, along with having automated editing and the ability to edit while ingesting. The Gloobox contributor is fully capable of supporting these mobile devices; Android devices (generally support), Blackberry Smartphones, Canon 5D, Go Pro, and the ‘i’ trinity; iPad, iPhone, & iPod. Which Contributor template is being used determines how the ingestion operates; it can accessworkflow 3 multiple sources such as Direct Attached Media, Servers, and Watch Folders. The Ingest data can then head out for multiple destinations weather for generic storage, NAN, or SAN. He Contributor is capable of Direct Ingest and has a Metadata check in useable with Avid ISIS/Interplay. The Gloobox Contributor can utilize a Web-Based Multi-stream, and has a file-based Mobile Media Ingest Solution. This product works especially well in tandem with the Gloobox Ingester by expanding its reach into the capture of digital media from mobile device applications.

retriver flowThe Glookast Media Retriever This impressive piece of software provides the amazing ability to perform a “partial restore” of operations on content that’s managed by Avid Interplay. With the partial restore ability a studio can store necessary but less used data in cheaper long-term cheaper nearline storage sites while keeping the more commonly used data at the ready on a different website, thus allowing substantial data storage cost reductions. Media Retriever facilitates workflow and also data safety by being service-oriented, redundant, as well as balanced media retrieval engine.

The Gloobox Moover rounds out Glookast’s product suite. It’s a singularly useful software only solution for Multi-stream MXF file transfer to/from workgroups, SAN, NAS, Archive. This makes it an ideal product to outgest workflowbottom big thingys. It has Inter-Platform watch folder workflows and is Avid ISIS/Interplay compatible.

Workflows of necessity very from venue to venue, each must evolve and or be crafted based on the particular needs of that project or studio. Glookast helps facilitate workflow by providing top quality flexibility and a variety of useful features and options to the table. Check out their exhibit at the upcoming April NAB show. They will be at the Upper South Hall booth #SU6104. Hold your workflows together with Gloo!


GLOOKAST develops innovative, modular tools for the design and implementation of true multi-format, multi-resolution MXF workflows. GLOOKAST removes the complexity of capturing, sharing, managing, converting and distributing content through seamless integration across multiple platforms. For more information about GLOOKAST, visit:  www.

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