GoMedia brings on board QYOU to provide content for UK rail and coach passengers

QYOU Media (TSXV: QYOU OTC: QYOUF), the worlds leading curator of premiumbestofwebvideofor multiscreen distribution, has announced its first UK deal with GoMedia, Europes leading onboardinfotainment provider, which will see QYOUs curated online video content distributed to UK railpassengers.

Consumers are watching more video than ever before while onthego and in transit, particularly onmobile devices. According to eMarketer, more than 90% of all digital video viewers in the UK regularlyvisit YouTube, with almost two thirds watching its content via a mobile phone. The new partnershipbetween QYOU and GoMedia aims to cater to the unique viewing habits of younger audiences, who makeup a significant number of rail passengers and are the largest group of smart phone users, by offering them a curated selection of the type of content they are engaging with on a daily basis.

QYOU will deliver 40 episodes of QYOU Hits, its flagship show featuring expertly curated shortform videocontent to customers on c2c and West Midlands Trains services. The shows will feature a handpickedselection of the best shortform videos the web has to offer, covering everything from new music, dance,comedy, sports and stunts as well as aweinspiring clips from some of the worlds most beautiful places.The on-demand content will be adsupported on service provider platforms, providing an opportunity forrail and coach companies to create new revenue streams from passenger transit.

Over a billion train journeys are made in the UK each year, and an increasing number of passengers arebringing their own devices (BYOD) on board and using these to plug into entertainment to keep themoccupied while onthego,” said Roger Matthews, Managing Director of GoMedia. “These BYOD passengers are fueling the demand for more high quality onboard entertainment, centered around theirtastes and packaged as part of their ticket. QYOUs programming features some of the worlds mosttalented digitalfirst creatives, making it perfect for passengers that want the latest mustsee content tokeep them entertained on their journey, which is why GoMedia chose to work with them.”

This new partnership builds on previous transit deals QYOU Media has secured with Lufthansa andGlobal Eagle Entertainment, highlighting the growing consumer demand for easily accessible digitalentertainment onthego.

Curt Marvis, CEO and Cofounder of QYOU Media, commented, “The quality and availability of onboardentertainment offers a competitive advantage for service operators. QYOU programming is alreadyenjoyed by airline passengers across Europe, so we are excited to now bring our content to train and coach passengers too. With younger audiences always on the lookout for the most exciting video contentonline whenever and wherever they are, theres a huge opportunity for the major sea, rail, and coach travel companies to bring this to customers to enhance the travel experience and increase monetization potential.”

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