Grass Valley’s Cloud-Based Platform, GV AMPP, Enables Corrivium to Turn On Virtual Event Productions

MONTREAL May 4, 2021 – The Sydney-based global live event streaming expert, Corrivium, has chosen Grass Valleys GV AMPP (Agile Media Processing Platform) to stream high-profile virtual events at broadcast quality. GV AMPP is being now used by Corrivium’s teams and has already covered a global event for a leading technology company.

“During the last year, almost all physical events have moved to the virtual world. A consequence of streaming becoming center stage in the events industry is that high-quality production values became more important than ever for our customers,” commented Corrivium’s founder and director, Steve Jones. “Looking for technology that could produce the highest quality event streaming, it was natural for us to seek solutions from broadcast technology leaders. The GV AMPP platform stood out to us. As well as meeting our demands in terms of video and production values, GV AMPP also simplifies workflows, reduces the total event budget and provides extra functionality to expand our service offering. Looking forward, it critically gives us a roadmap that will keep our technology base reliable and firmly at the cutting edge.”

GV AMPP is central to the GV Media Universe concept, a comprehensive ecosystem of cloud-based tools, services and partners that revolutionizes the way live media is produced. GV AMPP delivers cloud native and cloud-agnostic support for the processing of video/audio in a variety of cloud-centric ways – public cloud; private, on-premise data center, or in hybrid topologies – giving customers a simple way to unlock flexible, distributed production workflows, easily and rapidly scaling cost and features up or down as needed.

“Our GV AMPP solution has been designed to offer all the capability of the very best hardware production solutions through a cloud-based SaaS model. By offering this ‘full-broadcast SaaS-stack’ we enable customers to choose the elements they need now and upgrade seamlessly at a future date. For events companies such as Corrivium, this simplifies workflows, reduces set-up time and represents great value without impacting future functionality, a key advantage of the GV AMPP SaaS model,” added, Greg de Bressac, Grass Valley’s vice president of sales, APAC. “We’re delighted that with GV AMPP, we enable Corrivium to access any broadcast production technology as required, combining this with our production expertise and broadcast-grade support services is a powerful package. GV AMPP means that Corrivium can elegantly scale production functionality and costs to stream some of the world’s most prestigious events on budget and at high-quality every time.”

GV AMPP replaces Corrivium’s original in-house system, built from discrete software applications from multiple vendors, with a fully integrated platform approach.


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