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February 4, 2015 — Greek Media Company, Antenna (ANT1 Group), chose Orad to broadcast the country’s 2015 elections to over 11 million viewers. To facilitate the new workflow, Orad’s professional services team created, designed and implemented immersive election graphics, including bar charts presenting the previous electoral status, statistics, results and coalition possibilities. In addition, a 3D model of the Greek Parliament with seats colored according to the changes in the votes and a map of Greece presenting the geographic changes in the parties’ strongholds were prominently displayed and used for analysis. Also displayed were the changes in the parties’ electoral power and how the changes will be reflected nationally and in the European parliament. Orad’s HDVG+ video rendering platform provided Antenna the significant processing and rendering power required to produce its broadcast coverage and display the timely and accurate graphics.

“In less than a week, we had to create augmented reality graphics for the most demanding and important elections in Greece. It was very challenging,” comments Drimilis Ioannis, creative services director, Antenna Media Group. “The amount of graphics and the complexity of their usage in real-time made the challenge even bigger. We didn’t have the right technical equipment to support the project and turned to Orad,” Ioannis adds. “The only technical solution able to support this project was Orad’s HDVG+ with 3DPlay. Even when we got the equipment I thought we couldn’t complete the entire project in the 3-4 days timeframe, but with 3DPlay we managed to create our actions so fast that we had more than enough time to create even more. The elections show was the best we ever had and our on-air graphics look, in my opinion, was the best among the competition.”

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