GridMarkets Discounts Its Services to Zync Customers

GridMarkets is discounting its services to Zync customers looking for new rendering options by offering a 20% discount for the first month of GridMarkets’ usage. This offer follows the recent announcement that Zync is ceasing operations in June 2021 and provides that company’s significant user community with a comparable solution in terms of features, security and reliability.

“Zync was founded around the same time as GridMarkets and although we had a competitive relationship, it was always based on mutual respect,” said Mark Ross, Co-founder of GridMarkets. “VFX artists and studios will still need to get their rendering and simulation projects finished, and migrating to our platform gives Zync users a familiar workflow.”

GridMarkets is a leading rendering and simulation service with extensive experience managing complex, time-intensive and IP-sensitive freelance and studio projects. GridMarkets designed and built its platform through close collaboration with VFX artists, continually gathering input from that creative community to keep its development relevant to their work. This includes the development of submission plug-ins supporting the most commonly used software applications for rendering, animation and simulations such as Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Cinema 4D, 3DS Max and Blender.

GridMarkets is further enhancing its platform’s reliability and advanced security through a recently announced integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.The addition of Oracle to GridMarkets’ multi-cloud platform further extends the long-standing technology partnership between the two companies and provides visual effects and animation artists and studios with an expanded and secure set of rendering and simulation services.  GridMarkets follows MPAA guidelines in the development and operation of its platform on the Oracle Cloud.

“We’re excited to partner with GridMarkets to provide leading animators, creators and studios with the best solution for their rendering needs no matter how demanding the workload,” said Ross Brown, Vice President, Oracle Cloud infrastructure. “GridMarkets’ unique platform running on top of the highly secure and robust Oracle Cloud infrastructure allows creators to do what they do best—create—and leaves the technology to us.”

More details on the Zync promotion, the Oracle integration and the GridMarkets platform will be announced at upcoming webinars planned for May 12, featuring Houdini artist Fabian Nowak, and May 19, featuring Maya artist Ryan O’Phelan.

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About GridMarkets

GridMarkets simplifies and accelerates computer intensive workloads like animation rendering and drug discovery simulations. Our service eliminates local license, skill and hardware bottlenecks – making it possible to take on complex projects with challenging deadlines. For more information visit and


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