Guigo TV selects Globecast as content partner for its new Brazilian OTT platform

Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, announces it has partnered with Såo Paulo, Brazil-based Guigo TV to provide 12 channels in Brazil for Guigo TV’s new OTT platform. The channels cover various genres including sports, lifestyle and children’s programming.

The channels include Bloomberg, Combat Go, Freckle, Global Fashion Channel, HallyPOP, Hard Knocks Fighting, Kartoon Circus, Kid Central, Mens7, Sky News Arabia, and WWXTREME. Viewers can access Guigo’s TV content at Guigo TV is also available via iOS, Android and PC.

Renato Baer Svirsky, Director of Guigo TV, commented, “Globecast is Guigo’s main partner in providing high-quality content for its customers, allowing the Brazilian public to have worldwide premium channels they didn’t have access to before, at affordable prices.”

Natalie Rouse, Vice President of Content Acquisition, Aggregation and Distribution (CAAD) at Globecast, commented, “This project with Guigo TV is of huge importance to us as we continue to expand our content portfolio and cement our position as a leading source for international content for operators in the South American region. We’re delighted that Guigo TV came to us to assist them in their new channel launch so they can bring valuable content to millions of viewers. It further affirms our global approach to our very successful CAAD business line.”

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