Hal Kneller Returns to GeoBroadcast Solutions as VP Global Sales

CHICAGO, June 27, 2017GeoBroadcast Solutions is pleased to announce the return of broadcast expert and industry veteran Hal Kneller as VP Global Sales, effective immediately. Hal returns to his original position at GBS following a four-month leave that took him on a worldwide cruise.

“We’d like to think he was doing research for worldwide opportunities tied to MaxxCasting and ZoneCasting, but after 40 years of broadcast industry service, it seems a well-deserved vacation was in store,” said Chris Devine, CEO, GeoBroadcastSolutions. “We’re thankful for his return, and excited by the opportunity to have him rejoin our executive team.”

Hal’s 40 years of industry experience includes key sales and business development roles at GatesAir, Nautel and iBiquity, where he was successful in raising global visibility of HD Radio. Hal was also a radio station owner for decades, which provides him with unusual insight into both the business and technical challenges that broadcasters face in an increasingly fractured marketplace, audience-wise.

Hal will pick up immediately where he left off on December 31, 2016. Prior to his leave, Hal spent three years with GBS, in which time he successfully introduced MaxxCasting technology to broadcasters across North America – several of which turned into sales that have since gone live. Those success projects include WXRV(FM) in Boston, which has enjoyed significant increases in audience share and advertising revenue since going live.

“MaxxCasting is clearly the industry’s most robust and reliable system to help radio broadcasters fill in their coverage areas with stronger signals that were previously weak,” said Kneller. “Whether this is due to terrain challenges or signal strength problems toward the edge of their contours, every broadcaster that has adopted MaxxCasting technology reports substantial coverage improvements that simply wouldn’t otherwise be possible.”

Please welcome Hal back at (941) 347-8415 or, and learn how GBS’ patented MaxxCastingsystem can help improve signal coverage and increase advertising revenue.

About GeoBroadcast Solutions

GeoBroadcast Solutions, LLC (GBS) offers proprietary products and solutions to enhance radio station coverage areas to maximize both coverage and revenue as well as the ability to zone both audio (pending FCC approval) and RBDS/RDS.  With several additional patents pending, new techniques for Single Frequency Networks have been developed to improve coverage.  GeoBroadcast Solutions’ charter is to innovate and bring to market technologies that help radio broadcasters maximize their signal and grow revenues. MaxxCasting will expand the coverage area of a FM signal. ZoneCasting, pending FCC approval, will provide technology to geographically target radio advertisements. These emerging technologies give broadcasters tools to compete in the face of innovations internet and cellular message distribution. GBS partners with GatesAir for transmission and IP distribution equipment, and with Shively for antennas and combiners.

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