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HARDATA’s Radio And Television Solutions Expand Digital Content Distribution



If you want to know how to better streamline audio, video, and text, then HARDATA is a great source of workflow solutions. For over 23 years, HARDATA has served as a premier developer of workflow solutions that streamline audio, video and text asset management for radio stations, TV stations, and entertainment enterprises. The company’s mantra is simple, elegant and always reliable, and plenty of that can be found in their solutions, which have done well to expand digital content distribution in the areas of television and radio.





As a company, HARDATA’s solutions are highly compatible with standard IT hardware. They are used in broadcast and Pro/AV operations and this kind of ingenuity is the result of the company’s strategic alliances with many of the most recognized companies in the technology industry. Several of these company’s include:

  • Microsoft
  • Grass Valley
  • Leitch, Antex
  • AudioScience
  • Matrox, Mayah
  • Orban
  • 360 Systems

The relationship HARDATA has with these companies only shows its level of commitment to quality and management excellence. This is further reflected in their ongoing investment in R&D, which drives the company’s philosophy of continuous improvement in all areas. HARDATA’s processes and quality management system are both ISO 9001:2008 accredited.


HARDATA Solutions



HARDATA solutions are highly compatible with standard IT hardware used in broadcast and Pro/AV operations.





When it comes to HARDATA’S focus on television, the HARDATA SMART+ stands out as a High-End Channel-In-A-Box. This solution platform provides interoperability among current and new technologies and products. HARDATA SMART+ servers can be configured as a 4 channel ingest, a 4 channel playout, a 2 channel production, and a 1 channel 4K server.
Several Features of the HARDATA SMART+ include:
  • Configurable
  • 4K
  • Playlist
  • Instant Play
  • Up/Down Conversion
  • Live Feeds
  • Continuous Recording

These and many more make up the capabilities of the HARDATA SMART+, which through its clipping feature covers the entire workflow. This ranges from the continuous recording, the material produced through the creation of sub-clips with different entry and exit points, cataloging with marks, comments/tags, and immediate broadcast. Any user can do all this while recording the original material.

Learn more about the HARDATA SMART+ by visiting www.hardata.com/en/smartplus.aspx.





HARDATA’S focus on the radio can best be represented by the HARDATA HDX RADIO 4, which operates as Audio & Video Management for Radio Networks, Record, Catalog, Search, Playout, and Instant Play. The HARDATA HDX RADIO 4 is designed for major radio stations, and it takes full advantage of SMART FLOW 4 content management features, that allow for it to record, import, program audio/video materials, and maintain the operative features of a radio station.

In addition to having a traditional audio output, the HARDATA HDX Radio 4 generates a video output that can be used for TV or web or social media publications. The HARDATA HDX RADIO 4 is ideal for those who manage remote radio stations from the main station, and the system automatically generates commands for advertisement replacement on remote stations, which allows for control of satellite and internet networks. With the HDX RADIO 4, a user can distribute content automatically between the main and remote stations.

Several additional features of the HARDATA HDX RADIO 4 include:

  • Audio & Video Playlists
  • Auto Mix
  • LIVE Assistance
  • News Search and Editing
  • Video output for TV & Streaming
  • RDS Support
  • Music Scheduling

Learn more about HARDATA HDX RADIO 4 and its incredible features by visiting www.hardata.com/en/hdxradio.aspx.


HARDATA’s Mission



HARDATA’s commitment to supporting and promoting a culture of excellence has been the core value and the foundation of their relationship with their customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, strategic associates, and the communities where they have conducted business. Since 1997, the company has been a part of the digital audio market where it has introduced product solutions that supported the start-up of some of the world’s largest satellite networks. HARDATA’S continuous growth path has been a result of the successful development of standardized products, which include

  • Dinesat
  • Satellite Control Technologies (SNC)
  • The HARDATA HDX Server

These are included along with software integration consulting projects around the world.

In the radio market, HARDATA’s technology supports more than 3,000 radio stations and this is done this through the management of digital content distribution, including some of the largest in Mexico and South America: Cadena COPE from Spain, Grupo Clarín (Radio Mitre; FM100; Artear, Canal13; Tele Red Imagen, TyC Sport), Ideas del Sur (AM del Plata, Spika), Infobae (Radio Diez, Mega 98.3) and Grupo CIE from Argentina, Cadena Radioactiva from Chile, Grupo Crystal 7 and Grupo ACIR, México.

Learn more about HARDATA by visiting www.hardata.com/en/.

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