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The Studer DIOS I/O routing automation software hit the mark and the overall  responses from industry professionals are very positive. The Studer DIOS is a streamlined design for broadcasters and media companies which rely on their broadcast workflows with the intent of eliminating any restrictions around current infrastructures. The key features of the DIOS overall performance include:  Management of I/O routing, Automated pathfinding, Redundant pathfinding, Diagnostic notifications, Transportation of baseband and IP data, Auto-recollection of pre-configured I/O routes, and Offline configuration capabilities

The system is designed to have fail proof routing and DIOS ensures that no matter what error can possibly happen, the broadcaster or media company will stay on the air. The concentration of allowing multiple processes manged by a single centralized control is the definition of Centralization. The DIOS is able to manage signal routing, provide for automatic path-finding, absolute redundancy of I/O routing, and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire audio control system.  The flexibility of the DIOS allows for: Share resources and consolidate your equipment, Streamline your workflows, Drastically simplify remote production, Easily expand your routing network and add or remove equipment, and Easily make changes to equipment, productions, and/or talent.

“I/O routing is an extremely complex and time-consuming part of the production process, and unexpected hardware failures often require urgent changes to routing equipment in an attempt to stay on the air,” said Katy Templeman-Holmes, Director of Solutions & Marketing for Hospitality and Broadcast, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “DIOS automates the entire I/O routing process, enabling broadcasters to simplify production workflows, reduce human error during configuration and daily operation, and ensure that programs stay on the air in the event of an error. Furthermore, HARMAN is working with industry leaders and technology partners to continually evolve DIOS to meet the needs of customers and ever-changing market demands.”

When the migration process from baseband to IP networks are happening in the broadcast facility, DIOS is geared to support the activity. Designed as format agnostic, DIOS enables the provision of numerous different standards to be managed and transported so that the upgrade path from a baseband infrastructure to total IP can be migrated at the pace of your existing budget. Essentially this makes for your overall standardization of your infrastructure a manageable procurement.

The reduction of routing errors and increased efficiencies is the norm for all of our production processes. Knowing that DIOS automates these processes is a guarantee that the signal is never lost or ever off the air. The ability to find an alternative pathway when a system error occurs is simply the marvel of this design. The automatic diagnostic notifications provides the operators with the limitations of pathways or any hardware failures and the beauty of it is that DIOS will quickly make the switch without the operator needing to do a manual reconfiguration. If there are no pathways available DIOS will provide for user options for route disconnection. Bottom line is DIOS enables the user to: Quickly find solutions for roadblocks, hardware failures, and bandwidth limitation issues, Gain flexibility with your routing infrastructure, Reduce initial configuration efforts typically involved with third-party studio control systems, Get up and running quickly with minimal training as operators are no longer required to be experts in a variety of routing applications. DIOS will be available in fall 2017. To learn more, visit the Studer DIOS product page.

Over a Billion people are listening to a Studer right now

Studer is headquartered near London in the UK with a global distribution, marketing and support organisation. Since its foundation by Willi Studer in 1948 near Zurich in Switzerland, Studer has become the world-leader in digital mixing systems for Broadcasters, Theatre and House of Worship audio engineers. It’s R&D organisation; a unique blend of experience and young innovative engineers continually push the barriers of audio and user-interface design from their bases in Switzerland, UK, China and India, all with one objective in mind – to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Following the introduction of legendary products like the J37 tape machine in the 1960s and the D950 digital console in the 90s, Studer has pioneered the most advanced user interfaces in the audio industry; with technologies like the patented Vistonics and FaderGlow, the brand is synonymous with easy-to-use, fast-to-learn mixing systems delivering pristine audio, unparalleled connectivity and quality, all backed up by a global customer support and training organisation.

Today, Studer offers the Vista Infinity systems, built precisely to the customers’ specification and capable of managing the largest and most complex broadcast or performances, for example the Infinity processor can offer over 1,500 channels of optical madi via one connection, enabling over 5,000 channels of I/O on a single core. In Radio, the established and industry standard OnAir range of digital radio and networked audio consoles offer the widest range of interconnectivity and AoIP options.

At Studer, our philosophy is to continually strive for perfection through innovative design, advanced engineering and inbuilt quality. The net result of this approach is that we provide our customers with new and feature-enriched products and training. We have realised this goal through listening to our customers and implementing their ideas, along with a few of our own of course!

Through this approach we have provided the ultimate tools to reach new levels of excellence when producing programmes, shows and services.


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