A look at Harmonic MediaGrid Storage Systems


When looking to scale-out a media storage system, one industry provider is leading the charge. The Harmonic MediaGrid has certain product highlights that should come to mind immediately.

The first major point is a cost effective Ethernet based storage system which enables the user to start small and scale out accordingly to fit their facility and production house needs. Starting at 10TB’s of usable storage, this enables small production houses, television production departments, and independent contractors the flexibility and the dependability of shared, real-time storage, as well as, edit-in-place functions which can be stored all in the same place, and eases the complex issue of “where-to” store the ever changing edit piece for the post production professional. The overall advantage of a near-line server which seamlessly scales to multiple petabytes of storage capacity is a very important aspect to take into consideration when purchase dollars are limited to the next project pay-day or fiscal year request monies.

Another major highlight to the Harmonic MediaGrid is that the system has been tested and optimized to function with numerous non-linear edit platforms such as Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premier Pro CS5, and Apple Final Cut Pro which practically covers the full gamut of industry leading non-linear software editors. The research and testing that Harmonic has put into its workflow provides the end user the comfort in knowing that the MediaGrid works well within these solutions. Here are just a few of technical specifications: Software RAID levels are at RAID 4 or RAID 6; the FSD Client OS supports: Linux, Windows, and MacOS; Network interfaces are Gigabit Ethernet or 10Gigabit Ethernet; Scalability is non-disruptive – online scaling via adding storage nodes at 16 drives per node; Disk drives come in 1TB, 2TB, and 3TB SATA2; Included software are as follows: MediaFS file system software, Client-side File System Driver (unlimited license), Content Manager for managing quotas and Access Control Lists, and the MediaGrid System Manager. MediaGrid systems have a 24×7 global support team to provide expert technical support coverage, which showcases how Harmonic values their customer, the end user.

For more information on a true near-line digital asset storage system which is cost effective, provides the dependability, and delivers professional file-based workflows. Visit; Research and fact finding can be found at: See- Tech Resources: Datasheets: Harmonic MediaGrid Datasheet.pdf; See the case studies performed at CNN, Crawford Media Center, and Korea National Open University visit See-Tech Resources: Case Studies

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