Harmonic Optimizes OTT Multiscreen Security With Microsoft(R) PlayReady(R) DRM Technology

Integration Between Harmonic‘s ProMedia(R) Origin Multiscreen Media Servers and Microsoft(R) PlayReady(R) Digital Rights Management Technology Strengthens Content Security, Simplifies the Delivery of OTT Multiscreen Services

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Jan. 6, 2015 — Harmonic (NASDAQ: HLIT), the worldwide leader in video delivery infrastructure, today announced that its award-winning ProMedia(R) Origin and ProMedia X Origin multiscreen media servers have been integrated with Microsoft(R) PlayReady(R) digital rights management (DRM) technology for content access protection. By supporting PlayReady, Harmonic‘s ProMedia Origin and ProMedia X Origin provide video content and service providers with a versatile and scalable content protection solution for the secure deployment of live and time-shift TV, cloud DVR and VOD OTT services on a wide range of connected devices, ranging from mobile phones and tablets to game consoles to net top and set-top boxes.

“Consumer demand for OTT multiscreen services continues to grow at a rapid pace, making it challenging for content owners and service providers to protect and deliver content to an increasing array of platforms and device types,” said Chris Santini, director media strategy, Microsoft. “This technology collaboration plays off the strengths of both companies, simplifying the security and delivery of live, VOD, and cloud DVR services while ensuring enhanced protection of high-value content.”

Utilizing Harmonic‘s ProMedia Origin solutions with Microsoft PlayReady, video content and service providers can distribute secure content to a wide range of devices via a single DRM technology. Streamlining the OTT multiscreen ecosystem to a unified DRM technology significantly reduces the time to market for high-value video services while minimizing workflow complexity and points of failure. Microsoft’s PlayReady technology includes a variety of features for live TV applications including key rotation, which is designed to provide more robust content protection for OTT multiscreen services, while simplifying operations, minimizing service interruption, and reducing costs.

ProMedia Origin and ProMedia X Origin are software-based all-in-one media servers that support the industry’s leading OTT standard protocols, such as Apple(R) HLS, Adobe(R) HDS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and MPEG-DASH, to enable high-volume, live, adaptive bitrate streaming and the delivery of time-shifted services such as catch-up TV, start-over TV, and cloud DVR to connected devices. By providing video content and service providers with a comprehensive multiscreen media server, they dramatically reduce rack space, simplify workflows, and maximize cost savings.

“Microsoft PlayReady is one of the strongest DRM technologies in the OTT multiscreen market, making it a necessity for any video content or service provider looking to protect Internet video services,” said Yaniv Ben-Soussan, vice president, product management, Harmonic. “While Harmonic has been a longtime supporter of PlayReady, we’re excited about the recent enhancements, specifically the key rotation functionality. Prior to PlayReady’s key rotation capability, encryption keys needed to be changed manually, interrupting system operation. By enabling OTT multiscreen services to be delivered via a single DRM technology, ProMedia Origin and ProMedia X Origin increase our customers’ operational efficiencies, lower total cost of ownership, and, most importantly, protect video assets from being distributed illegally.”

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