Lee Lusby’s E.T. 3D Rig Time Lapse video from Keslow Camera on Vimeo.

by B. Sean Fairburn, SOC

I had the chance to get trained on the new series of 3D Rigs from Element Technica intended for sale in the exploding 3D market. They manufacture three sizes. “QUASAR,” the largest, for full size Sony F23-F35, 1500, F900R or the Red One, and Phantom cameras equipped with prime or zoom lenses. The mid-sized rig, “PROTON,” mounts box-style Scarlet, Epic and the SI-2K. The small rig, “NEUTRON,” is for the tiny 2/3” or 1/3” imager cameras sporting C-mount lenses such as the SI-2K MINI, Iconix and Cunima. All three incorporate a lightweight rugged frame with user ease of operation.

The Technica 3D rigs are now available for purchase or they can be rented from Keslow in LA, OffHollywood in NYC, and Panavision UK. The companies provide the opportunity to rent fully functional 3D Rigs to Shoot live action 3D projects.

B. Sean Fairburn, SOC and Element Technicas 3D Rig.

B. Sean Fairburn, SOC and Element Technica’s 3D Rig.

T3D Rigs easily change over from the “beamsplitter” configuration to “side by side,” keeping all the same patented user controls. Element Technica has also developed a series of intuitive hardware/software tools to automate stereo calculation. These tools will be available as add-in modules for the core systems to enable the director or DP to intuitively control how much or how little the subject comes off of the screen. IO, CONV and standard lens zoom, focus and iris control can be coordinated through the company’s patented Stereo Assist feature.

I predict that just as HD had a strong impact with significant penetration in the market, 3D will follow a similar path at a much faster rate of speed. I highly advise training on these systems to insure you are ready when the time comes. 

For more information about these groundbreaking 3D tools or to learn about Element Technica’s 1-day camera assistant training for the Technica 3D, please contact Joey Romero at Element Technica
TEL: 323.641.7327
[email protected]

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