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Heartland Video Systems Joins the ATSC to Contribute a Pure Play System Integrator’s Perspective


Photo: Dennis Klas, CEO of Heartland Video Systems at the Heartland Corporate Office in Plymouth, Wisconsin

Heartland Video Systems, Inc. has joined the ATSC to bring over 20 years of ATSC implementation knowledge to the organization. Heartland is one of very few pure play system integrators to join the organization and does so with a mission to share what they have learned as one of the most active integrators of ATSC 3.0 systems.

Said Dennis Klas, CEO of Heartland Video, Inc. “Since ATSC 3.0 implementations have started we have been fortunate to be working with several large station groups and feel we could make a real contribution by joining ATSC as a voting member. With experience gained from each market, combined with what we learn from our ATSC 3.0 integration lab, we improve with each integration we do.”

According to Madeleine Noland, President of ATSC, “Heartland Video Systems is known for their thorough understanding of the equipment and systems they sell and support. They use their active ATSC 3.0 lab to assist broadcasters in their transition to NextGenTV. ATSC is continually developing the ATSC 3.0 platform, and participation from systems experts such as Heartland is critical. We are very excited to welcome their contributions to ATSC.”

Heartland was very active during the implementation of ATSC 1.0. When version 3.0 came, there were different technology and business challenges that could motivate a station group to work with an independent system integrator, like Heartland.

On the technology side, Heartland found innovative ways to safely handle ATSC 3.0 implementations during the pandemic. Says Klas, “As station staffs were stretched due to Covid 19, Heartland was able to use our experience, and relationships with multiple vendors, to ease each market transition.”

There are also new challenges on the business side. According to Klas, “Twenty years ago, broadcasters had greater control to standardize their broadcast equipment and IT across multiple markets. But most larger station groups were grown through acquisitions, and as a result many must deal with a variety of technology upgrade scenarios. System integrators, like Heartland, have had to develop expertise to work with all suppliers, and across all technology scenarios.”

Concludes Klas, “Because we are constantly involved with ATSC 3.0 installations, we have firsthand knowledge of the latest technology and best practices. This gives us a perspective from the field that we look forward to share with the ATSC as a way to give back to our industry.”

About Heartland Video Systems, Inc.

Heartland Video Systems (HVS) has been supplying the supplying the US with quality communication equipment, professional installation services and ongoing technical support for over 20 years. HVS is a proud member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) and an honored recipient of a 2010 Engineering Excellence Award. HVS is also a voting member of the ATSC. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in the audio and video equipment supply field.

HVS has partnered with a multitude of major communication equipment manufacturers to provide technologies for all links in the broadcast chain. HVS provides an array of manufacturer options, allowing customers to freely and conveniently select the products they require without concern of poor customer service. HVS caters to many multimedia production platforms, including television stations, broadcasting stations, colleges and universities and post production facilities.

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