Hold On – Get a Grip on that Handle!

The best camera in the world isn’t that great if it keeps getting dropped. We’ve looked at some pretty tasty cameras here at Broadcast Beat – but hold the butter! They were just right the way they were. Get a secure grip on that camera even if the most precarious of positions or settings.

Gripix Handle
Gripix Handle

Check out the new GripixTM line of accessories for GoPro that keep those cameras right where the operator wants them, instead of lost in the briny deep or shattered on the rocks below. The new Gripix was featured at GoPro’s booth #75304 in the Eureka Innovation Hall at the Sands Convention Center in the Fabulous Las Vegas at the 2015 CES show that wraps up this Friday. Tired of sweet cameras getting away from you? Make sure it never happens again! Hold on with Gripix.

GoPro Cameras see more than their share of dynamic action and the new Gripix accessory line expands GoPro’s already impressive array of camera mounts and harnesses. Built of lightweight aluminum, ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and just the right blend of a few other leading edge materials, the light, durable, versatile, and comfortable Gripix system is your action shot solution – whether it be underwater or hanging off a cliff. Flexible in applications and easy to use even if the camera and/or the subject is in motion, Gripix isn’t just about holding the camera, either; it’s also about having smooth movements and extending control – one-handed control – making awkward positioning much easier to handle. Central to the new Gripix system is the cutting-edge Wi-Fi trigger handle that’s been painstakingly assembled after an in-depth ergonomics study. Easy on the hands and intuitive in use, the patent-pending Swift lock system allows the rapid and well secured attachment from one camera to another.

If smooth one-handed operation isn’t quite enough for you, the Gripix system is happy to accommodate your filming needs; with the Wi-Fi Trigger Handle that contains GoPro’s Legacy Wi-Fi or its new smart remote, the all in one system exudes effectiveness and superb integration. The remote control is precisely inset in the handle utilizing a transparent hinged door, allowing a visual read of the remote’s control display. In keeping with its sturdy convenient nature, the Wi-Fi Trigger is easily rinsed clean via the use of fresh water. Once the camera is attached, a simple squeeze will click the shutter if the camera is in still mode.

GoPro on a Stick!
GoPro on a Stick!

Conversely, the same maneuver will stop or start the filming if the camera is set to video mode.

GoPro didn’t skimp on the features once it reached this point – a flexible and expanding modular system of additional features will further trick-out your cameras to achieve your ideal shots. Why buy everything, when you can just by what you want? The Gripix system offers an effective variety of products, made even more effective with continued additions of new modular accessories. One of these upcoming pieces of equipment is the Side Grip Cage Attachment, which will allow a broad array of new mounting point accessories, such as lights for construction of your ideal filming configuration.

The Gripix Low-Pro Suitcase Grip is  is an attachment that can quickly connect the Wi-Fi Trigger Handle for capturing those shoots between eye and ground level, for any shot within arm’s length – good for skaters and skiers and the like. All the accessories in the Gripix system are waterproof – one more plus for the more soggy sports shots, like surfing. If mounted horizontal in the suitcase configuration, the controls are easily accessible with the touch of a finger. The Low-Pro’s cold shoe is perfect for mounting ‘the usual suspects’ such as lights and microphones.

With the modular configurations and remote capability, the Gripix system easily lends itself to all sorts of different arrangements. Using the remote trigger, an operator can come up with interesting shots such as the surfboarder Anthony Walsh made using the Hi-Top adjustable camera pole in the clip below. Shooters can take advantage of the camera’s thirty fps burst photo mode in full resolution. Gripix; so easy to use it can be done while also surfboarding…

Whether making surfing selfies or filming for a studio, the Hi-Top adjustable camera pole, once fitted with the patented Gripix trigger handle, is capable of some “mighty fine shootin, Tex.” On a film shoot of any real duration, the value of being lightweight simply can’t be overstated. The audience doesn’t want to see a scene where the camera operator starts to wear out and the picture takes a marked dip or tilt during filming due to fatigue. The High-top is telescoping enhancing reach between 18” and 25”. It’s wireless, no cords inside the pole; the camera is adjustable, allowing the user to take more effective selfies or turn it and have better reach while filming something else.

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