Hong Kong’s Xiqu Centre for the Chinese Opera Uses Clear-Com for Accurate Communications

For its new live performing arts theatre at the Xiqu Centre the Hong Kong West Kowloon Cultural District has selected Clear-Com® for communications between the Chinese Opera’s stage manager, lighting staff and audio staff. The system was sold by Clear-Com’s Hong Kong partner BDI Technology Limited.

Photo courtesy of Joey Chow, West Kowloon

According to West Kowloon Representative, live performances require instant and accurate communications, so that cues happen exactly when they are supposed to happen.

“In live theatre, you never get a second chance,” said West Kowloon Representative. “Clear-Com is our best choice for our new theatre’s intercom system, delivering reliability, a high performance-to-cost ratio and an integrated platform.”

The Hong Kong West Kowloon Cultural District installed a Clear-Com Eclipse HX-Median intercom matrix, a 64-port E-IPA IP interface card, an E-DANTE64 64-channel Dante interface card, and a 12-channel HelixNet digital main station with support for up to 72 beltpacks and headsets.

The item that impressed them the most was the E-IPA IP interface card. “With this newly released card, we can install an IP transceiver at any time and in any location within a network-accessible area. The quality is so much better compared to what we’ve had in the past,” he added.

In addition to the main theatre for the Chinese Opera, the Clear-Com system is also being used in the venue’s “freespace” and Lyrics Centre, making the most out of the Cultural District’s investment.

“What we get using Clear-Com is simple — excellent performance and superior technical support,” West Kowloon Representative concludes.


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