How Hybrid Cloud Solutions Are Transforming TV

The television industry is undergoing a major transformation: from a business model built on traditional broadcasting, to one that relies on a predominantly digital, IP-delivered framework. In this new, highly competitive digital TV era, content producers must find ever-more efficient and scalable ways to deliver personal and relevant experiences to their fragmented, multi-channel audiences.

Amid an ongoing industry shift to ever higher definition formats – and soon, data-rich content like virtual reality – content providers need original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide high-performance compute, storage, and networking. Content providers need hybrid cloud solutions to deliver the customized, broadcast-quality experiences their customers demand.

Robust infrastructures also need to be in place to handle myriad production, post-production and distribution complexities – and to give teams across the world reliable and easy access to tools and content.

Transitioning to a new media landscape

Nokia and Imagine Communications are two of the digital technology pioneers helping broadcasters and content providers transition to the new media landscape. They provide end-to-end technology solutions – enabling their customers to produce content, store it, distribute it, and ultimately, monetize it through targeted advertising.

These solutions are built on scalable and dynamic Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) OEM Solutions server infrastructures, which give customers the ultimate flexibility to design their workflows through a combination of public cloud, central data centers, and edge technologies.

This hybrid cloud deployment model is fast becoming critical in the digital age, especially for global media organizations that need to free their distributed teams to produce and deliver content anywhere in the world.

Powering reliable intelligence worldwide

To ensure the smooth, secure and reliable delivery of its multiscreen video and advertising management solutions, Imagine has built its software on top of high-quality HPE OEM Solutions servers. If any problems should arise, HPE OEM Solutions’ many supply depots around the world can respond within four hours, guaranteeing super-fast maintenance.

Imagine’s chief marketing officer, Glodina Connan-Lostanlen, explains: “Being in partnership with HPE OEM Solutions allows us to innovate on compute, storage and networking. It’s a fundamental part of our customer message to say, ‘In your network, put Imagine solutions, which are powered by one of the top compute and storage technologies.”

Delivering highly personalized content

Nokia works with HPE OEM Solutions to deliver high volumes of personalized, on-demand, and linear video traffic to consumers. This partnership has given content providers a streaming IP video solution that combines the control of on-premise with limitless cloud dynamism and scalability – all delivered via a flexible OpEx funding framework.

“Working with HPE OEM Solutions, and leveraging its hardware, software, and hybrid cloud solutions, allows us to help content service providers innovate fast. The support HPE OEM Solutions provides anywhere in the world has also become a crucial part of our offer.” stated Paul Larbey, the Video Business Division leader at Nokia

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*courtesy of HPE OEM

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