How to Achieve Agile, Low-Latency, IP-Based Live Production without Compromise

Traditional siloed on-premises models are out. Software, IP, and the cloud are in.

Audiences are demanding new and different ways to watch and listen to live media – challenginglive production operations to be more flexible and responsive than ever. Unlike the staticcontrol rooms of the past, workflows must be dynamic and responsive, capable of adapting tocontinually changing requirements.  Solutions must be fluid; addressing the multitude of continuously emerging formats while also accommodating workflows that range from hybrid to augmented to fully cloud based.

This report explains how IP-based workflows and cloud-native software-based monitoring,probing, and multiviewing come together to deliver the flexibility, functionality, and scalabilityessential to ensure exceptional quality in today’s live production applications. It identifies the increasingly complex workflow requirements and reveals solutions that focus on low-latency IP-based (SMPTE ST 2110) live production and maximize asset and resource utilization withoutcompromising quality or reliability.

Citing real-life use cases, discover the technologies and tools that unify and simplify, and one monitoring solution that not only simplifies remote monitoring, but facilitates monitoring of all signal types across workflows from live production workflow through playout, delivery, or OTT distribution.

Click here and discover how to cut through the complexity of today’s issues; find useful, practical and simple answers to workflow challenges; and uncover how agile, low-latency, IP live production can thrive without compromise.


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