How To Create Fantastic Clips With Actus Digital’s Clip Factory


The digital era we currently live in has been nothing short of providing creatives who work in entertainment with all sorts of opportunities to create innovative and progressive material when it comes to the influx of visual content they can distribute. A lot of this visual content is comprised of a variety of clips, and the combination of these clips is something to marvel at because of the incredible talent behind them. Actus Digital has a specialty in this area with its Clip Factory. This software is the perfect tool for content production and a great chance for editors to experiment with a variety of techniques that can only improve the quality and the amount of content they distribute.


Actus’s Clip Factory




Any visual content a creator publishes and distributes has to have a level of sophistication behind it, and that’s where Actus Digital’s Clip Factory works best. The Clip Factory operates as an “all-in-one” workflow for both content production and publishing. Actus Digital’s clip factory provides the necessary tools that help content creatives record, create and edit clips. It also allows them to add effects, and metadata. They can also transcode to any format and finally distribute the content to web portals such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or OTT. The workflow is easy to use, and it operates fast. Even if a creator is just starting out, the workflow does not require any professional editing skills and it can be used from any client’s machine. The Clip Factory is replacing overloaded, old legacy and high-cost solutions for content re-purposing to the new media platforms.


Several of the key features of the Clip Factory include:

  • Any input: IP/TS/HLS/RTMP/SDI/ASI/
  • Web-based
  • Customization of Metadata
  • Legal compliance clipping
  • Advanced manual clips editing
  • Professional large scale clipping
  • Automatic interactive storyboard
  • Scrubbing
  • Display AsRun Log information, searchable, clickable
  • Display Subtitles and Teletext, searchable, clickable
  • Simple cut with Mark-in and mark-out
  • Advanced cut-to-cut editing: including cutting segments into multiple parts
  • Frame Accurate cuts
  • Zooming (enlarging) of part of the segment during editing
  • Near-Live: ability to edit the clip a few seconds from Live
  • Extend Clip: clip length can be lengthened to live when working in Near-Live
  • Add Overlay: any text, channel name, date, and time
  • Loudness: burn overlay with Loudness LKFS value
  • Add Pre-Roll (video) and post-roll (video)
  • Add a Logo/any graphics
  • Add one or multiple logo(s) within the clip, in any shape and size
  • Blur one or many ROI (Region of Interest) within the clip, with selectin of transparency
  • Mute one or multiple parts within the clip
  • Multiple parts in clip
  • Cut parts automatically, remove parts (e.g. Ads), using metadata from EPG, AsRunLog,, triggers (e.g. SCTE-35, SCTE-104)

These and many more clip factory features can be found by visiting



Actus Digital functions as a global provider of leading broadcast media intelligent platforms for:

  • Broadcast recording, monitoring, and compliance
  • Live clipping for OTT, social
  • VOD and Catchup clipping

Actus Digital’s broadcast recording platform is a compliance logger and this logger complies with all the TV regulatory requirements, such as the FCC requirements (such as Loudness or closed caption). The logger’s solution is HTML5 based and it is used by hundreds of customers including BSKYB, FOX, Disney, and Sony.

Actus clips creation provides a complete workflow for live clips creation, including automation: ingest, edit, dynamic metadata, transcode and export to social media, OTT or any other platform. The solution is easy to use, cost-effective, and it allows a user to actively monitor and edit multiple streams simultaneously.

Actus Digital media platform also includes automatic content, ads tracking, and the integration of rating information for better competitive and rating analysis. The ability to define pre-defined profiles and integrate playout XML clips automation options are also available, and these clips will be distributed fast in order to ensure that viewers are updated at any time.

Any creative who specializes in the production of visual content should try out Actus Digital’s clip factory. This software will not only give the user the ability to record, edit, transcode, and deliver better content, but it will further allow them to evolve as a creative within the broadcast industry


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