The Virtual Ticket Book – How to host private live streams

A new book from industry thought leader Paul Richards, outlines how you can sell virtual tickets to private live streams. The new book is called The Virtual Ticket: How to host private live streaming and virtual tickets. The book is being released for free by the team at StreamGeeks and is available for free here. This book is written for event planners and therefore includes all of the information needed to plan a private live stream. Event planners and video production professionals alike can get on the same page about delivering real-time engaging experiences consumers are willing to pay for.

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Learning about private live streaming

Event Ticket Diversification
Event Ticket Diversification

Readers will learn that selling virtual tickets can make any event more profitable. Private live streaming CDN (Content Delivery Networks) allows event managers the ability to monetize their online broadcasts and plan for large audiences. The Virtual Ticket provides event managers a new perspective to learn about what it takes to bring to market virtual experiences. The book allows readers the ability to learn from innovative events planners who have already hosted successful events with virtual experiences. Learning from case studies where events small and large have successfully added virtual ticket sales, event planners can become better prepared to deliver value online.

Hosting Virtual Events

Virtual events are becoming more popular all of the time and The Virtual Ticket is an essential read for anyone integrating a live streaming element into their in-person event. The book outlines the most important parts of hosting virtual events that can excite and engage online audiences. The author Paul Richards has over six years of live streaming experience. The book outlines what it’s like to host the NAB show in Las Vegas, and what it’s like to be on a big stage and deliver a message. Next the book moves into hosting smaller all virtual conferences to explain how events small and large can monetize virtual ticket sales.

The Virtual Ticket Event
The Virtual Ticket Event

Get the Book

The Virtual Ticket is now available via Amazon Prime here. You can also download the PDF version for free at Learning how to properly add a virtual ticket experience to your next event can save you time and money. Diversifying your event with a virtual audience will make your event more profitable and less susceptible to outside forces. Many events around the world have recently been canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. Even the 2020 NAB show had to be rescheduled due to the disease spreading. Taking your event completely virtual or simply adding a virtual ticket option may be a great idea for your next event.

Chief Streaming Officer at PTZOptics
Paul Richards is the Chief Streaming Officer for PTZOptics. Richards is the author of Helping Your Church Live Stream, Esports in Education, the Accelerated Broadcast Club Curriculum, and other live streaming related publications.
Paul Richards
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