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How to sell virtual tickets


Learn how to sell virtual tickets

Virtual tickets are great ways of increasing the excitement and revenue for your event. In a new book called The Virtual Ticket, Paul Richards the Chief Streaming Officer for PTZOptics reviews how any event can add a virtual ticket experience to become more profitable. Using a virtual ticket for your conference makes it more profitable because there is low overhead. Traditional expenses such as hotel fees and physical space rentals are not required. People who are at home can watch the event at the convenience of their homes and anywhere around the world. Virtual tickets holders have the advantage of making a selection of events that are of interest to them and can also watch a replay of any part of an event missed.

Event Ticket Diversification

Event Ticket Diversification

How to Sell Virtual Tickets

How to Sell Virtual Tickets

The Following Are Ways You Can Sell Your Virtual Tickets to Your Audience


Paywalls are the forefront of content monetization efforts used by every digital content publisher in selling virtual tickets. Implementing a paywall as a means of content monetization ensures that digital content marketers know their customer’s expectations. A paywall is very efficient in restricting access to some part of an event thereby allowing the audience who has paid subscription view all events. Restricting the view of an event to only paid subscribers will increase the profit of content providers.

Paywall is now mostly used by influencers has it gives them the various options of monetizing access to their premium contents. It has been observed that a lot of big influencers on Instagram now uses paywall to charge their viewers who want to view their exclusive content.

Types of paywall

Soft paywall: This type of paywall enables users to view their content before they are asked to subscribe for full access. This means that every user who visits your content is allocated a free view time before asked to pay for a full view. The type of paywall is mostly used by newspaper publishing companies and it helps them limit the access of users to a limited article monthly. Soft paywall has better user retention than the hard option. The soft paywall also gives a balance between making additional revenue and alienating the user entirely.

Hard paywall: A hard paywall shows just a little descriptive paragraph and a title heading before giving the users an opportunity to subscribe. Hard paywall is mostly used by professional and financial authority content. Hard paywall is risky because professional and financial authority can lose almost all of its visibility and audience. Some content publishers have decided to make use of the two styles that is, to give access to limited content and at the same time, setting up a paid network for the premium content.

Server-side paywalls: This kind of paywall provide all the security to your content by uploading only the limited content the users can view for free, the full premium content is then made available to the user when he subscribes. The server-side paywall has some flaws which is some content can go missing by a search engine because it is programmed to only index what part of your content by being viewed.

Browser-side paywalls: Browser-side paywall works with the principle of allowing access to your content to be done at the server stage before given access to the browser of the user. The issue with this kind of paywall is that users can by-pass or block the paywall and gain access to your full premium content without subscription because the content is already on the web but just hidden.


With the rise of sophisticated technologies, many artists and content creators have been using the internet to share their content. The most difficult problem faced is how can their content generates revenue when viewed. Sharing your content online and building a solidified fan base can be very rewarding for podcasters, writers and YouTubers.

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform which grants users or patrons access to reward and support content producers, artist or writers for their work. Patreon serves as a middle man that gives fans the opportunity to contribute to their most famous artist platform. Patreon is also a way to earn extra money for podcasters and content publishers on free content.

Patreon was made popular by YouTubers and podcast producers. Patreon also gives fans an opportunity to have additional access and engaging experience. They also give supporters the opportunity to become members an provide monthly support to their preferred artist. Patreon gives content publishers the opportunity to set a monthly subscription support system with different levels having its own subscription amount of payment before access can be granted. Patreon also allows YouTubers, podcasters and content creators to set up a support system that is only available to patrons with a charge for every view.

commonly paid for virtual experiences

commonly paid for virtual experiences


Vimeo is an optimized online video streaming platform that allows artists, music and film producers to share and promote their content with a very high degree of customization. Vimeo differs greatly from YouTube because of its distinctiveness that is Vimeo is specifically designed for content creators who like to create tech tutorials and also gamers who love to share their video gaming skills.

Vimeo is important because it is made up of small communities which makes it modest and makes it a fully engaged community. Vimeo is made up of people who are interested in a film genuinely. Vimeo is also an optimized online video streaming platform that allows users to watch their videos without any distracting banners and adverts.  Vimeo gives you the opportunity of inputting a password to protect your videos and can be forwarded to friends and family who know the password.


Facebook is a social media networking site that has been incorporated into marketing. Looking for a group of individuals interested in your event is another great way of selling virtual tickets. Starting your own Facebook group and live streaming your content to your subscribers can increase the revenue of artists, filmmakers, and content publishers.


Get The Virtual Ticket for free on PTZOptics.com or via Amazon here. This book is a complete guide you can use to learn how to add a virtual ticket experience to your event. Using virtual tickets you can increase the profits of any event and reach large audiences as a result. In this modern age, virtual tickets are becoming more popular and commonplace. It’s time to take a serious look at the way you can use virtual tickets to increase the brand awareness and profitability of your business.

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