HuddleCamHD launches new 4K Webcam that can Zoom in!

HuddleCamHD is a U.S based manufacturer of USB video conferencing equipment. The company which was started in 2014, has recently launched a new 4K USB webcam with a new feature called ePTZ. The HuddleCamHD Pro is one of the industry’s first USB webcams that is designed to be operated as a traditional PTZ camera with an IR remote control. The company has launched the product with a remote far end camera control integration with Zoom Video Conferencing among others.

New NDI Webcam
New NDI Webcam

“We have built our pan, tilt, and zoom features from our USB conferencing cameras into a 4K webcam. You essentially get a PTZ camera in the form-factor of a webcam” says, Paul Richards, Director of Business Development for HuddleCamHD. The webcam starts at just $299 making this camera a professional-grade webcam above the quality levels that competitor Logitech offers.”While Logitech does offer a 4K webcam called the Logitech Brio, the webcam does not include the same type of ePTZ controls as the HuddleCamHD Pro” says Richards. “We are seeing a huge surge in the need for high-quality presentations using video conferencing software like Zoom, video recording software like Camtasia, and live streaming software like OBS. With a webcam like this, users can use the device in plug and play scenarios with modern tools in our dynamic video first online workspace.”

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HuddleCamHD has also announced an IP version of the webcam called the HuddleCamHD Pro IP. This is the first webcam that has been released that supports NDI. NDI is an IP based video production protocol used in many video productions and live streaming environments. The HuddleCamHD webcam uses the latest NDI HX (High Efficiency) version of NDI to provide users with an ethernet solution for webcam deployment. The new HuddleCamHD Pro IP feature NDI and PoE) Power Over Ethernet making this webcam highly functional. This webcam is now the most affordable NDI camera available on the market today.

HuddleCamHD Pro
HuddleCamHD Pro

HuddleCamHD has announced that they are currently shipping the HuddleCamHD Pro webcams. A product launch party has been scheduled for May 14th at 11AM PST / 2PM EST. Interested parties can sign up to win a HuddleCamHD Pro at

Learn more about HuddleCamHD at


Chief Streaming Officer at PTZOptics
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