Hulu Set To Launch An All New Live TV Service


Hulu, the live streaming company owned by Disney, is poised to launch an all new live TV service. It is currently being beta tested and looks to launch later this year. While Hulu has added many channels to its future line up, NBC has yet to sign on. While the other major networks, CBS, Fox and ABC have all encouraged the live streamers to pick up their programming content, NBC continues to hold out because of its connection with Comcast.

NBC, owned by Comcast, is the hold out because Comcast doesn’t seem to want to risk its subscriber base of 22.5 million to the live streaming and TV upstarts even though it just may if it continues to hold back NBC programming content. The new live streaming Hulu service will offer its on demand streaming as well as over 40 other channels of programming. There is a host of players in the live TV programming and live streaming industry and even Google is ready to launch its YouTube TV by sometime in the summer.

Hulu has decided to combine the on demand with the live TV because ti know how well that has worked out for rival Netflix. If Hulu can get NBC on board, it would have the most channels and content of any of the current live and streaming players in the country. Hulu hopes to have NBC on board before the testing period is over so that they can launch with more channels than any of their current rivals.

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